The AM Balanced Transformer Line Stage Preamplifier.

This is an eye/ear opening pre amp. I was always skeptical about any sort of passive preamp, as they had some good points, but squashed dynamics and narrowed and shortened soundstages and micro dynamics suffered, like the instantaneous start of a note on a guitar, banjo or bell. This preamp does none of those things. Micro dynamics and sound staging is fantastic, but there is a clarity and silence between the notes and the inky silent background is wonderful. Other powered preamps sound thick and hazy across the soundstage in comparison. 805 of the preamps I sell are the Transformer type. No warm up time is also a bonus. The only down side is no remote control, due to the Ultimate Quality multi step selector.

Technical details
As a serious high end Passive Preamplifier, the AM passive is essentially unbreakable. There are no coupling capacitors to age or blow up, no resistors to fail. The AM units are true isolation transformers, with separate primary and secondary windings. Gain in most preamps is redundant when the majority of amplifiers are driven to full output by the source voltage. Superior amplifiers don't need assistance from preamps except for the bare functionality of attenuation and input switching. If you already own a high level amplifer, the AM will be the best match to make your amp shine. With full bandwidth, regardless of setting and no impedance problems, this is a passive that doesn't sound flat, boring and bereft of life, especially used in balanced mode.

The use of 4 transformers attenuation is now with 33 volume steps. The selector is of exceptionall high quality.
Ture balance input/output design with four transformers attenuation which isolates components, break ground loop problem, and reduce noise.
33 step volume attenuation with remote control based on 33 transformer output terminals.
3 single-ended or RCA input, 3 balanced or XLR input .
2 single-ended or RCA output, 2 balanced or XLR output .
Point to point hand wiring with Teflon coated solid core copper wires.
Full Heavy duty refined aluminum alloy body, and faceplate.
6dB passive gain, so low gain amplifiers can be driven to their maximum efficiency by components that otherwise might require active boosting.
Dimensions: 18" W x 12" D x 7" H
Weight: 8.5 Kg net; 11 Kg shipping weight
Warranty: 3 years parts and labor

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