Osborn Datalink
"Selected and configured for unmatched neutrality, soundstage and dynamic range"

Osborn Datalink is the result of nearly 10 years of listening to cables.  It is an extreme bandwidth, ultra high speed data transfer cable which has been very carefully selected and configured for unmatched neutrality, soundstage and dynamic range. I have found competing audio cables to match its sonic characteristics and even slightly exceed them, but not under 10 times the Datalink's price.   In nearly 4 years of making this exact cable, We have yet to have one returned.   We are completely confident in offering the guarantee listed below.
The cable normally comes internally bi-wired, with two plugs at the amplifier end, and four plugs at the speaker ends. This is especially effective as the configuration and internal twist cancels the magnetic fields generated within the wire. It is also available with spades, or as a combination of spades one end and banana plugs at the other.   It is also available as a normal stereo pair with two plugs, or spades at each end.   The banana plugs were designed for Laboratory measuring equipment are are extremely high quality.
(They are not self locking)

Warranty: Osborn Loudspeakers guarantee to refund the purchase price in full of any Osborn Datalink cables which are returned to us within 12 months of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied, or if you find a better sounding Interconnect at any price.