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SL1 Renaissance (the new Ultimate Mk3)  We now have a new demo one.

Price. With Phono               $9,990
         Without Phono          $7,950
                                                                                   European price is 10,000 Euro


JL-5 Stereo Amplifier (100W Class AB or 50W Pure Class A Triode) (All new model - Coming February 2014)

CAT realised that there was a considerable need for an amplifier that could fit on a shelf, and not be out of the range of a large percentage of keen audiophiles.
Many people insisted that they needed high power and many others (like me) believed that extreme performance was more important than brute power. If this
was required, then get the JL-2. However both camps have been catered for in the JL-5, as you can select to use 100w/ch in Class AB, or 50 w/ch in Pure
Class A Triode, just like the JL-2. Feedback from the CES and people who have heard it in New York is that this is really something else in this price point.
It is going to be available in 2 version, the standard JL-5 and the JL-5 Amorphous Core (Which is the Signature version)
JL-5                                      $10,250
JL-5 Amorphous Core          $13,750   



     JL2 Ultimate Stereo Amplifier (100W Triode) We now have a new demo one.
There is now new Mark 111 JL2 released. now called the JL-2 Ultimate,
to distinguish from the previous
 models. The upgrade was considered too major to call it the Mark 111.  
It will look the same. Unfortunately there has been a price rise and the USA price is US$ 24,000 + tax. I hope to be
able to include GST and freight, so cost will be whatever US$24,000 is at the time.

             Note.  European price is 25,000 Euro





   See Soundstage on 2010 Munich Show

  JL3 Mono Amplifier (150W Triode)

Price                                   $37,000 (pair)    

Note. European price is 43,500 Euro


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