Feedback from Osborn Owners.

Subject; Eclipse, CF15, E1 speakers.
Damian Scott. ( January 2003)
Melbourne, Australia.


I have refrained from sending you my thanks for the wonderful system you have made for me. Now in 2003 it is time I shared my joy with you and your prospective customers. My audio budget is not as generous as the sounds of your premium products but for the mid-range customer (such as myself) you have delivered a top-range product.
For the record I have Eclipse main speakers, a CF15 sub/midchannel combination and a pair of E1 (dipole) effect speakers. They are now well
broken in and are a fundamental part of my life! I have a sound and movie experience that is the envy of my every guest. The clarity, breadth and
depth of your speakers are a revelation and a joy every single day. I have revelled in every moment of listening and not regretted a single purchase.
Your helpfulness, generosity and assistance in setup deserve as much praise as your speakers because it is not as common in HiFi as it should be. I could not be any happier with the quality of the sound, the quality of the product or the quality of service that has come through dealing with you (and your lovely wife). I hope to be your customer as long as you produce equipment and to upgrade to even finer examples of your products as funds permit.
To you I give my profound thanks, to your prospective clients I have but a single dire warning - Greg's products are so fine that they will reveal
every other component within your system for better, or for worse. After auditioning several mid-range amplifiers I will be returning to get one or
two of those Consonance boxes from you shortly. Best wishes for the new year.
Damian Scott


Subject; Eclipse speakers.
Ross Palmer,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dear Greg

I wish you could hear what I am listening to. I have just connected the Eclipses to the system and I am playing Yo-yo Ma's 'Cello Suites Inspired By Bach' CD. The sound is absolute heaven - I can't believe the clarity and beauty of what is filling the house.

My mother was a cello player and teacher, and our family home was always alive with her playing or listening to some piece of classical music. Between you and Kostas (Kostas Metaxas from Metaxas Audio Systems) your crafts have vastly improved the listening experience and have recreated wonderful memories for me, for which I will be eternally grateful.
I was also remiss in only commenting on the sound of the speakers and made no reference to the construction and finish of the Eclipses both of which match the quality of the audio. The cabinets really do look superb and fit perfectly with our interior.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best regards

Ross Palmer


Subject; Eclipse speakers.

Stephen Monte, Philadelphia, USA.

Thank you for making my pair of eclipse speakers -- you obviously designed and made them just for me --- the highs,, ooohhhh and the mid range yes the sweet sound of the midrange and ahh lets not forget the bass, it goes right through you like you want it to !!!!! thank you thank you !!!!!
I am in love, and they are called Osborn no compromise Eclipse loudspeakers, and don' t forget the beautiful cabinets that always catch your eyes. But it's the beautiful sound that catches your ears ... boy come to think of it, my
whole head and body are happy. Thank you, thank you thank you !!!!!


Subject; Eclipse, F4, F1(Center) and T12 Subwoofer speakers.

Peter Boykett, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Greg,

Just thought I would let you know how satisfied we are with our F4, subwoofer and centre speaker combination. The erformance of these speakers are incredible with awesome detail. We never heard the shell casings hit the floor in Total Recall until we fired up the Osborn F4's. Our home movie library has never sounded so dynamic and realistic, no need to go to the movie theatre any more that's for sure. In a word, stunning!

As to our Eclipse II speakers I can only say I am still in love with them, they inspire us to listen to music constantly. My wife and I listen to everything from Jazz to classical, to Rock and Roll and so on. Coupled with the Redgum RG120 amplifier, Sony XA3ES CD player and your fine speaker cable the detail literally envelopes the listener and the bass, oh that bass just knocks your socks off. After 4 years of ownership I can honestly say they are one of our dearest possessions. A comment made to me recently by a family friend who upon listening to Bachs Toccata and Fugue in d Minor through the Eclipse II, said, and I quote, "I have never heard an organ sound like that before, it's like you are right there in the Cathedral, it sent a tingle down my spine." end quote.

What more can I say!

Hope you're selling lots of speakers Greg and keep up the good work of producing some of the worlds finest speakers, if
not the very best.

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