Feedback from Osborn Owners.

Walter Moro

Grand Monument Reference - Audio Aero Ptrstige SACD/CD Player, Audio Aero Capitole Amp Consonance PW-1, Osborn Silverlinks and Datalinks.

I bought an Audio Aero Capitale power amp push pull 50 watts pure class A. Plus the Audio Aero Prestige Signature CD player, the Grand Monument Reference, Osborn data link cables and a Consonance power filter. Speaker's I've listened to are the JM Labs Grand utopia, Wilson Watt/Puppy and many more in this Hi End range. I will describe the Grand Monuments... they are very big and very heavy. The sound is absolutely amazing. Transparent like you wouldn't believe; it's as if the sounds come to the back of your head, plus 3 metres to the outer side of the speakers, filling up a large room. Instruments sound like you're at a live concert, bass goes down to sub sonic regions, but all balanced with the mid and high's.
It's hard to say that $18,500 is a bargain but it's true... if you don't believe me have a listen for yourself and make up your own mind. I've been into hi end hi fi for more than 20 years and I've never owned, or seen a system like this one before. There is only one more thing to say... Greg Osborn from Osborn loud speakers makes one of the finest speakers in the world. I take my hat off to him.

Transparent beyond this world, bass mid and top end balanced, suites medium to large rooms, Bubinga timber glossed, looks fantastic on the Grand Monuments.

It's big and heavy (make sure you have a strong back), need good gear like Audio Aero, price not in the reach to all enthusiast hi end puffs but Grand Utopia costing about $140,000 Australian dollars it's bargain for the Grand Monuments Ref.

Customer Service
Greg Osborn is a very nice guy as he lets you try the equipment before you buy it, no pressure and he is an honest person, not like others in the industry that are money hungry and no customer service once they've got your money.

Greg Osborn keep up the good work!


Grand Monument Reference - Audio Aero Prestige Mono Blocks - Audio Aero
Capitole CD Player - Consonance R1.1 Pre. Silverlinks and Datalinks.
Second System - (Home Theater) - Interludes - F4 - C2 - T12.

Kevin and Rosemary, Sydney.

Thanks for your note. Well we are still having a fabulous time; totally enraptured and amazed that such an exquisite sound can fill our lounge. Our sleep
is the loser at this point! Thank you very much for carting all the gear up here and spending the time with us on Sunday....

November 2005
Our sense of wonder has not diminished since 2001 when your system arrived in our household. We were looking for a system that would be a significant
advance over our Krell/Martin Logan setup and you provided it in spades (Audio Aero Capitole 24/192, Consonance R1.1, Audio Aero monoblocs, Osborn
Grand Monument Reference).
The music has an inner life that we have not heard equalled in the past few years with an organic presence that is the closest we know to live classical music.
The sense of energised air surrounding the performers is palpable, with none of the 'etch' we associate with many expensive systems. Dynamic contrast is a given,
tonal balance is real, detail is ever present and above all there is a musicality that shows up many other systems. The emphasis is on reproducing music
rather than the 'sonic impact' displayed by many highend systems. There have been a multitude of occasions when we have listened to extremely expensive
systems and returned with a sense of relief to the music system in our lounge.

I believe that your system is so good at producing music that the system can be forgotten and the music enjoyed. I still find it difficult to understand people
purchasing imported statement speakers without considering the very high quality local product. It is worth the trip to Melbourne to have a listen.

I am very happy to talk to people about your speakers - we now own three different pairs and a centre and the electronics.

Due to a previous bad experience of having their email address published, Kevin and Rosemary have asked that if anyone wishes to speak to them about
their system and experiences, they would be delighted to, but request anyone emails me and I will put you in touch with them.


Epitome - T1 - M800 - Reference R2.2CD
Mark Weichard

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your help and support in purchasing top quality audio equipment over the last four years. Since meeting you and your family at an audio
show in Melbourne, I have enjoyed the journey into the world of music and hi-fi equipment. With so many choices available it is difficult to navigate
your way around the many options available. So many misadventures can turn into expensive mistakes, with your guidance this has not been the case. My
limited budget, at any one time, needs to be spent wisely.
I loved it when you delivered and installed your speakers some years ago (Epitome Mk111 with base units) and said as you left, "Oh by the way, these
speakers still need the most expensive part of the system", Innocently I enquired as to what that may be, "A new room," Greg continued, "The lounge
room you have doesn't sound right and will need to be modified." Thanks Greg I went from 'hero to zero' in ten seconds. Eventually as I listened I
Having just completed a new listening room, under Greg's guidance I recently purchased the Consonance T1 Preamplifier and R2.2 C.D. player (valve
output). The change in performance of the system (Osborn Epitome and Consonance M800 amplifiers) was, as Greg would say, astounding! The sound
stage now delivered was full and three dimensional, the tone crisp, with full separation of all instruments and the voice, but yet with a rich mellow
sound that allowed the best jazz performers to live and breath in the same space as you. The presence of the full orchestra is now realized with power
and detail, something I thought impossible to achieve. Your speakers are finally being allowed to live and perform as you intended. My listening
enjoyment complete, I look forward to the weekends when I can take time to pursue the pleasures of great music and share this with friends and family.

Subject; Eclipse, CF15, E1 speakers.    (Duplicated in Eclipse Section)
Damian Scott. ( January 2003)
Melbourne, Australia.


I have refrained from sending you my thanks for the wonderful system you have made for me. Now in 2003 it is time I shared my joy with you and your prospective customers. My audio budget is not as generous as the sounds of your premium products but for the mid-range customer (such as myself) you have delivered a top-range product.
For the record I have Eclipse main speakers, a CF15 sub/midchannel combination and a pair of E1 (dipole) effect speakers. They are now well
broken in and are a fundamental part of my life! I have a sound and movie experience that is the envy of my every guest. The clarity, breadth and
depth of your speakers are a revelation and a joy every single day. I have revelled in every moment of listening and not regretted a single purchase.
Your helpfulness, generosity and assistance in setup deserve as much praise as your speakers because it is not as common in HiFi as it should be. I could not be any happier with the quality of the sound, the quality of the product or the quality of service that has come through dealing with you (and your lovely wife). I hope to be your customer as long as you produce equipment and to upgrade to even finer examples of your products as funds permit.
To you I give my profound thanks, to your prospective clients I have but a single dire warning - Greg's products are so fine that they will reveal
every other component within your system for better, or for worse. After auditioning several mid-range amplifiers I will be returning to get one or
two of those Consonance boxes from you shortly. Best wishes for the new year.
Damian Scott


Subject; Eclipse, F4, F1(Center) and T12 Subwoofer speakers.  (Duplicated in Eclipse Section)

Peter Boykett, Melbourne, Australia

Hi Greg,

Just thought I would let you know how satisfied we are with our F4, subwoofer and centre speaker combination. The erformance of these speakers are incredible with awesome detail. We never heard the shell casings hit the floor in Total Recall until we fired up the Osborn F4's. Our home movie library has never sounded so dynamic and realistic, no need to go to the movie theatre any more that's for sure. In a word, stunning!

As to our Eclipse II speakers I can only say I am still in love with them, they inspire us to listen to music constantly. My wife and I listen to everything from Jazz to classical, to Rock and Roll and so on. Coupled with the Redgum RG120 amplifier, Sony XA3ES CD player and your fine speaker cable the detail literally envelopes the listener and the bass, oh that bass just knocks your socks off. After 4 years of ownership I can honestly say they are one of our dearest possessions. A comment made to me recently by a family friend who upon listening to Bachs Toccata and Fugue in d Minor through the Eclipse II, said, and I quote, "I have never heard an organ sound like that before, it's like you are right there in the Cathedral, it sent a tingle down my spine." end quote.

What more can I say!

Hope you're selling lots of speakers Greg and keep up the good work of producing some of the worlds finest speakers, if
not the very best.


Epitome - T1 - M800 - Reference R2.2CD - Datalink - Silverlink

Geoff Luscombe, Sydney, Australia

Hi Greg

well the system has been on since we arrived home late-ish on Friday nite.

At first we unboxed the speakers and plugged them into the old system. We needed some fulfillment of our our excitement during the relative tedium of unpacking amps and CD, reading instructions and wiring things up. In this old configuration the first thing that jumped out of the speakers was the beautiful neutral and transparent handling of human voices, then the depth of base and well everything was in a different ballpark.
This only increased our eagerness to hook everything else up.
This done and with it all turned on the reaction became wow. Nothing run in and it was all fantastic. Two 40 plusers and two teenagers sat without talking, just listening for the 90 minutes before bed became essential - at 0200.
Since then I have listened to a range of music and everything sounds wonderful. The system does not seem oriented to any particular genre. All seems well suited. Vocals, acoustic, electric, orchestral are all well served up. At the time of writing, late-ish on Sunday evening, everything has become warmer and richer. The base control which started off great, now to my ears seems absolute - and still the quoted running in time is not completed.
Your website claims for transparency, dynamics and imaging in the Epitome speakers are well justified. The Consonance source and amplification equipment, your Silverlink interconnects and Datalink speaker cables are up to the task. Even better, they all work together beautifully. In addition to performing well, the speakers are fine pieces of furniture and the amps and CD all look well made and are nicely finished.
Looking back I can't really describe now what my expectations were. For the money, I knew hi end gear was en route. What ever my expectations were, they are exceeded. I couldn't be happier.
Congratulations for pursuing and achieving excellence. The fruits derived from your persuit of excellence will be enjoyed by me (and the other fortunate folk who have purchased your gear) each day for years to come.

Many thanks


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