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Subject: Epitome Speakers
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 00:14:24 -0400
From: "Anne S.&Michael J.Rodriguez" <a&>
Organization: Michael J.Rodriguez

It has been a little under a year now since the Epitome speakers have graced our audio system. This has been a time of much enjoyment and some growth as well.   Previously you had been gracious enough to advise us on the upgrade path for our Mark IIIs. Heeding your advice,we have purchased a pair of bass bins to complete the Epitome system. Their sound is nothing short of spectacular. No doubt there is a certain synergy at work here. In building our system, great care has been taken in component matching. The amplifier is an Ayre V-3 which is fed by an Audible Illusions Modulus 3a Pre-amplifier. Source components include a Krell KPS 20i compact disc player, a Sony DTC-2000ES D.A.T.deck, a Sumiko Project 6 turntable and a Magnum Dynalab FT101A F.M. tuner. Interconnects are Kimber P.B.J.,Speaker cables are M.I.T. Bi-Wire2 from the amplifier to the main speakers,M.I.T. 750 between the main cabinets and the bass bins(Wilson Audio Puppy Tails!)
There are very few musical styles that escape play on this system. All of them sound involving and wonderful at whatever volume level chosen. Congratulations on producing a product that delivers such pleasure and satisfaction at a comparatively reasonable price.

Thank you,
Anne&Michael J. Rodriguez
Port Charlotte, Florida U.S.A.


Subject: Epitome Speakers
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1998
From: Terry Gollings, Sorrento, Victoria, Australia. (No Internet access)

I have been an owner of your fine speakers for over 10 years, being the proud owner of a pair of Mark 1 Epitomes. I have been a keen Audiophile for more years than I care to remember. I am also a very fastidious person and demand that when I finally purchase something it has to be extraordinary value. I spent several years looking for a new speakers before buying the Epitomes. I nearly drove most of the hi Fi Shops in Melbourne mad with my dithering, but nothing that they could show me impressed me more than the speakers I already had. I had owned Klipsch Klipschorns for several years, and although I realized that they were lacking in some areas, I had grown to love their astonishing speed and extraordinary dynamic range. The sense of ease that they imparted to whatever music they were playing at virtually any volume made other speakers sound forced and compressed. Immediately on hearing the Epitomes in my system, my mind was made up. Not only was the speed and dynamics considerably superior to the Klipschorns but the bass extension and sense of weight, power and authority and the sound stage presentation made me somewhat embarrassed about my previous pride and joy. The real shock was the intimate detail, shimmering symbols and absolute pin point imaging, all at a price well below the Klipsch.
I upgraded the crossovers to the new Mark 111 configuration about 2 years ago which was a massive improvement. I have listened with interest to the new Mark 1Vs, which I acknowledge are a considerable improvement over my speakers. Also the Monuments, which are just mind blowing. I listen at every chance I get to speakers without and consideration of price restrictions, I have yet to hear any speaker which goes even close to giving the sense of involvement, sonic purity and overall performance of my old speakers.


Subject: Epitome Speakers
Jac Jongmans.
2042 ES Zandvoort,
The Netherlands.

In January 1995 my wife and I visited the CES in Las Vegas in a search for new, high quality and musical products for a than still active company.
We listened to a lot of equipment and we were surprised to see how many companies had put quite some time in acoustical alignments in order to let there product sound well in a hotel room that was not to much different to a living room.
The last room we visited however brought a bright and pleasant sound into the corridor, and my wife insisted to get inside.
That was when we first met Greg Osborn and his Family, and of course his speakers, The Titan and the Epitome, in a room without any acoustical mubo jumbo.
After a intensive listening session we decided to distribute the speakers in the Netherlands and agreed on this.
The Epitomes were shipped to us after a long period of waiting since Greg had developed, fortunately, a very high standard for the cabinet, and had trouble to find a solid manufacturer to produce them.
To make a long story short when the speakers arrived I've got ill and had to close the company.  But the speakers were here and I am using them intensely.
I sold the Klipschhorn speakers I had and I am enjoying the lifelike sound of the Epitomes, included the separate bass unit.
The system is driven by another very fine australian product, The music Labs pre- and power amplifier, using a Winn Laboratories Turntable with the Allison arm and the Keostu red cartridge.
Cabling between the amplifier and the speakers is by a silver and copper twisted cable, that give for us the best result.

A fair warning to all future owners of the Osborn speakers is that you have to give yourself time to get used to the honest sound of the speakers, both Epitome and the Titans, because its clear, lifelike sound, and dynamic possibilities are hard to find in
another known speaker.  And it takes some time to get used to it.

A final suggestion, if you like classical music, play the recording of Bernstein’s “Candide”
If you like Jazz take Micheal Brecker’s album, “Don't try this at home”, and for the Pop
Dave Stewart’s latest CD “SlyFi” gives you the right impression of the potential these
speakers have.


Subject; Epitome speakers.

"Ken Hartz" Philadelphia <>

have been continuing to audition the Epitome MK IV's and I think they are "casting a spell" on me. I find that they are very musical and easy to listen to. The treble is quite detailed and extended, but not forward, or "in your face" as so many other high-end speakers. Anyway, the other night I figured it was time to have a shootout between my Meret AY's and the Epitome's, since I was now used to their sound. I knew/felt that the Epitome's were probably better that my Meret's, but I must say, I quite surprised at how much better, when I did a direct comparison. The Meret AY is similar to ,and was competition for the Avalon Eclipse during its brief time of production. By itself, I felt that the Meret was, and is, quite good. But upon comparison to the Epitome, it sounded tilted in the highs, lacking mid and deep bass extension, and very compressed, especially in the mids. I find that the Epitomes have a very good top to bottom tonal balance, and the mids present a very realistic portrayal of the music (especially with piano and sax). I also find that the Epitome is very dynamic speaker. I initially was playing "bombastic" recordings, like the 1812 Overture, etc., and was blown away by the dynamics. But upon further evaluation, I find that dynamics are not limited to these big pieces, but with single instruments, the dynamics show through in the attack and decay of the instrument, giving a realistic reproduction of the music. This was quite an enlightenment! Anyway, it looks as though I may have a buyer for my Meret's and I will probably want the bass modules ASAP.
Before I made my final decision on the Epitomes, I auditioned a pair of Vandersteen 3A signatures. A dealer friend of mine has been trying to convince me for some time that this was the way I should go. But due to the fact that I have had SET amps until recently I could never consider the Vandersteens, but I have always had a respect for Richard Vandersteen as a designer, so I felt compelled to at least give a serious listen to them. I must say, now that I am very familiar with the sound of the Epitome, the 3A sigs were not even in the same league as the Epitome. The bass was there, but non-descript. It did not have anywhere near the bass definition of the Epitome. The Vandys were also dry/analytical in the mids compared to the Epitome. They also sounded compressed in comparison to the Epitome. However, they did image pretty well. In any event, I feel that I have now satisfied my curiosity, and I am happy to report that the Epitomes are staying in my listening room!
Also, I listened to the Wilson Watt/Puppy 6.0 at Soundex in Willow Grove PA last week, and I must say, my Epitomes' (even without the woofers) were much better. I really do not understand why everyone seems to go crazy over the W/P 6. The bass was deep, but was nondescript (compared to the Epitome) and was borderline boomey. The mids were much drier than the Epitome, and were not as dynamic, or realistic sounding. The highs were not as relaxed, and easy to listen to as the Epitomes, in my opinion. The rest of the system was the big Krell FPB, the top of the line Krell transport/dac/preamp (the all in one unit with the acrylic top), and about $20K worth of Transparent cabling in a fairly large room with extensive acoustic treatments. All in all, I was disappointed in the sound, especially considering the costs! The Epitome w/woofers is less than half the price of the Watt/Puppy 6, and I consider the Epitome ( even without the woofers) to be far superior in dynamics, top to bottom tonal balance, and overall musicality, compared to the W/P 6!

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