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Grand Monument Reference

Spencer Lake

All I can say is WOW!!!
These are truly fantastic speakers
I had a set of the focal Grande Utopia BE for 12 months previous to the Grand Monuments- I'm not joking when I say Grand Monuments sound better.
Just more right, and way, way easier to integrate.
Obviously the Grande Utopias are great speakers, but you could only play them in big rooms and very, very picky - with source and amps.
Your speakers just seem to get on with it and play music how it should be. Very, very impressive.
Thanks for all your help.
Regards Spencer.


Grand Monument Reference

I bought an Audio Aero Capitale power amp push pull 50 watts pure class A. Plus the Audio Aero Prestige Signature CD player, the Grand Monument Reference, Osborn data link cables and a Consonance power filter. Speaker's I've listened to are the JM Labs Grand utopia, Wilson Watt/Puppy and many more in this Hi End range. I will describe the Grand Monuments... they are very big and very heavy. The sound is absolutely amazing. Transparent like you wouldn't believe; it's as if the sounds come to the back of your head, plus 3 metres to the outer side of the speakers, filling up a large room. Instruments sound like you're at a live concert, bass goes down to sub sonic regions, but all balanced with the mid and high's.
It's hard to say that $18,500 is a bargain but it's true... if you don't believe me have a listen for yourself and make up your own mind. I've been into hi end hi fi for more than 20 years and I've never owned, or seen a system like this one before. There is only one more thing to say... Greg Osborn from Osborn loud speakers makes one of the finest speakers in the world. I take my hat off to him.

Transparent beyond this world, bass mid and top end balanced, suites medium to large rooms, Bubinga timber glossed, looks fantastic on the Grand Monuments.

It's big and heavy (make sure you have a strong back), need good gear like Audio Aero, price not in the reach to all enthusiast hi end puffs but Grand Utopia costing about $140,000 Australian dollars it's bargain for the Grand Monuments Ref.

Customer Service
Greg Osborn is a very nice guy as he lets you try the equipment before you buy it, no pressure and he is an honest person, not like others in the industry that are money hungry and no customer service once they've got your money.

Greg Osborn keep up the good work!

Walter Moro

Grand Monument Reference

Please see item (1) in entire systems


Grand Monument Reference

From: "David Payes" <>
Subject: Re: Grand Monument Ref - comments please I am happy to share my experiences with both the Grand Monument and Grand Monument Reference speakers.

By way of background , the speakers I previously owned were;
Sonus Faber Guaneries
Aerial 10ts
Avalon Ascent Mk 11
Rockport Synergy
I have also extensively auditioned the Watt /Puppy 5 system. The Grand Monuments in terms of scale and resolution out perform all of the above. There is a complete lack of compression which imparts a true sense of musical reality.
Sound staging is at least as good as the Ascents and imaging was only bettered by the Guaneries. The Reference series , mine has the new Focal Telar 57 tweeter (the older version of which is used in the Grand Utopia, US$65000) as well a full lead lining, is a level of magnitude above the Grand Monument. The Reference has a level of refinement above most other speakers in its class. The treble is detailed but with a complete absence of Hi Fi etchiness or brightness.
Imaging on the References approaches the levels of the Guaneries.   Macrodyamics and bass slam on the Reference are the best I've heard on any system (including the Wilson Grand Slam). Its interesting to note that the Drivers on the Reference are better than those on the Grand Slam (US$75,000), with the exception of the bass drivers, which are the same Focal 13'' units.  The rest of my system consists of the following;

CD - Sonic Frontiers FSCD1
Pre Amplifier - Sonic Frontiers Line 3
Amplifier - BAT VK 500
Cables - MIT 750 and 330 's
Power Cords NBS Signatures

I have driven the References with much smaller integrated amps such as the Gryphon Tabu . The Metaxas Soliloquies also sounded great with the speakers , BTW the Metaxas was the designers reference Amp . I'm pleased your customer found my comments useful .
The performance of the speaker excels in all areas. Whether it is the effect of the new tweeter or the lead-lining of the cabinet walls, micro dynamics, the so called inner musical detail that most audiophiles love so much, is superb on the Reference Monuments. Vocal inflections on good recordings (e.g. Betty Carter/Ray Charles) are rendered almost life like. Harmonic structures particularly of Cello and double bass are better than any speaker I've heard to date. Despite its awesome sense of scale, the speaker can reproduce the most delicate musical nuance, it is almost the perfect speaker (except its somewhat daunting size)


Grand Epitome Reference Speakers

Dear Greg,

As you're aware I've been using the Osborn Epitome Mk V. Grand Reference now for about 6 months on a regular basis, thus I thought I'd give you an update as to their ongoing performance.

During the last 6 months many guests have had the privilege of auditioning the speakers in our living room, and to date no one has left disappointed, all who have listened, have gone away thinking their own systems pail into insignificance when compared to the sounds emanating from the Osborns. The entire audio spectrum is fabulous with a definite sense of authority, which was completely absent from my last set of speakers. The bass is incredibly deep and powerful, not in a overpowering way, but entirely dependant on the quality of the recording. If the CD was recorded with heavy bass then that bass translates to the listening experience. The top end (Tweeter) is so clear that listening to any other speaker now just makes me want to leave the room. Greg, That Focal Audium tweeter is one of a kind, it should be mandatory on your entire speaker line-up, cost aside.
The colour of the Speaker has settled in nicely, Tasmanian Blackwood is superb and complements the room beautifully, in fact a few guests have made a comment to that effect.
On a final note, I've come to recognise the only weak point in my system, now stems from my old Musical Fidelity CD player. Once, enough spare entertainment funds are available, the Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 CD player will complete the musical experience.

The Epitome's are truly magnificent, I've heard many speakers systems over the last few years, but the last six months only vindicate my selection choice.

Yours Sincerely,

Viren Khatri, Sydney, Australia.


Hi Greg,

It has been eleven (11) days since I took delivery of your magnificent speakers. They really are a revelation in just how much I have been missing in fine musical detail from my previous speakers. The clear separation of individual instruments and notes is truly amazing. I certainly now understand the term “want to listen longer”, it certainly applies to your speakers.
             My wife and I are both extremely pleased with the Grand Epitome Reference speakers. The ‘look’, fit and finish of these speakers is truly world class and they are certainly comparable with any hi-class piece of furniture. How do we think they sound? Beautifully natural and ‘life-like’ is the impression that best describes how we feel about them. The sound stage and imaging these speakers impart is a wonderfully soothing experience, it is though you are ‘there’ listening to a live performance. We find ourselves listening with a smile! ( to think they will only get better – awesome!)

I can honestly say “we are proud to own them”.  It has been a pleasure dealing with you Greg.


Murray Ellison. NSW, Australia

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