Feedback from Osborn Owners.

Subject; Interlude speakers.

Nat Ieraci, Melbourne, Australia.

As you know, I have owned a pair of your Titan loudspeakers for more than 4 years before upgrading to the Interludes. During those years I have operated the Titans extensively and have always enjoyed their involving nature. Playing my newly acquired Interlude loudspeakers for the first time was therefore an ardent
experience. I was not disappointed.
The Interlude loudspeakers look and sound sensational. The midrange/treble response is open, detailed and transparent, yet they are never harsh. The bass extension in particular is solid and spectacular, with good control down to the lowest audible frequency. I was able to obtain excellent bass reproduction after fitting the supplied speaker spikes and positioning the speakers according to your setup instructions. With the Interludes properly set up, I am now enjoying a holographic soundstage which is both deep and expansive.
I am very pleased with the Interludes? performance and have no doubt they will be a joy for many years to come.


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