Feedback from Osborn Owners.


Subject: Re: Titans
Date:   Sun, 19 June 2002

Dear Greg,

Please accept our thanks for delivering such a fantastic system. It so nice that we have to spare at leastan hour every night to enjoy the music since. For your reference, our system include:

* Osborn Titans in beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood
* Audio Aero Prima CD Player
* Audio Aero Prima Integrated Amp.
*   Osborn Interconnects
*  Osborn Speaker cables.
* Lovan Speaker stands

Since we start shopping for an audio system six months ago, we have listened to many imported loudspeakers namely

- Epos M12
- Mission 77 & 78 Series
- AE120
- Monitor Audio Siver (I think it's 5 series), and the little studio bookshelf
- Rega Jura
- Dynaudio Audience 50
- Elac (can't remember the model now)
- KEF (I think it's Q6).

I am not an audiophile and I didn’t own any equipment, yes a complete novice. However, given enough patient and guidance I think I can pick the speakers that produce the sound that I like. Most of these were listened at the shop’s showroom; I always had some reservation about how it would sound when I take them home. Some shop don’t offer take-home demo, some do but for one night only. Also, most of these speakers (except the B&W) are in the same price range as the Titans and I spent at least 1 hours listening to them. When I almost strike a deal with one of the shops (mind you, I wasn’t 100% committed), a friend of mine told me about Osborn in Taylor Lake, so I went…
To be honest, when I arrived at 17 Hammersley Court, I was expecting a shop or at least a factory of some sort with a "Osborn Loudspeakers" sign post. I didn't see any of these, and if I didn't bump into one of your visitor on the street and confirm with him what I was looking for, I wouldn't have knocked on your door! Please don’t take this as a criticism whatsoever though…
You subsequently lent me the Interludes and try it out in the comfort of my home, in that occasion; I also managed to borrow a pair of Rega Jura to take home for comparison. With the help of a friend of ours, we identified that both of these speakers were too big for my room, although I liked the clarity and solid bass of the Interlude better.
You then lent me a pair of Titans, this time I arranged to take the Dynaudio Audience 50 and a pair of Mission 781 home. I didn’t like the sound of the Mission. It was then a close contest between the Dyn and the Titans. It took me quite sometime to identify the strength/weaknesses of these speakers. In the end we picked the Titans for its all-rounder sounding especially when I play classical pieces such as the infamous the Tchaikovsky 1812 overture (the best bit is at the end when the canon went off); Andrea Bocelli – Melodrama; Donizetti – Una Furtiva Lagrima by Placido Domingo . I don’t like the Dyns for its lack of depth or orchestral effect that I got from the Titans, although in the solo department, the Dyns does shine with its seductive sweet sound.
Last but not least the Primas pair are fantastic. For the same sort of sound, I think I would have to spend a lot more if I was to choose another brand. I think in the end, by pushing over my original budget a little bit has been well worth it…
Once again, we’d like to thank you for your patient throughout this whole ordeal (it’s not that bad, but I couldn’t find another word J) and commend you on the confidence and belief on your product that you’ve shown – that really reflect the built and sonic quality of the Titans.


Trung & Ann.


Subject: Re: Titans
Date:   Mon, 27 Jul 1998 19:59:37 EDT
From: <>


Dear Mr. Osborn,

I recently purchased a pair of the Titan monitors from Community Audio. After having read a considerable amount about the Titan's no compromise design and build I felt compelled to purchase a pair. I have spent well over a hundred thousand dollars on stereo equipment over the years and I have owned some of the finest monitors available, including but not limited to the ATC SCM-20s, Acoustic Energy AE2s and Sonus Faber Extremas. I am driving your Titans with Jeff Rowland electronics, MIT CVT speaker cable, Transparent Ultra interconnects
and a Cal Audio Labs digital front-end. At first I was disappointed as they sounded thin and "mid fi"

I followed your advice regarding the placement of the Titans. They are now within a foot of the wall. Also, they now have a burn-in time of approximately 100 hours. I would like to say that I was incorrect in my initial ssessment of the sound quality of your Titans. The bass extension and midrange fullness now seems to increase with each passing hour of play.   My initial impressions were that they sounded thin. I was obviously very wrong.

Please accept my sincere apology for my rush to judgment. Your speakers sound exceptional. They are indeed some of the finest sounding monitors I have heard.  As for spreading the word on your speakers, I have several friends which own high-end dealerships, both here and in California.    I will enthusiastically recommend your speakers to all of them if you like.


Philip Janis
Boca Raton, FL

Subject: Re: Titans

Date: 20 Sep 2000 11:20:34 

I'm not one to write reviews or anything, I think of myself as a discerning consumer. I certainly will put pen to paper if I find that I have been unjustly short-thrifted. So when I was asked about my feelings & thoughts on the Titan speakers, which I bought well over 5 years ago, I was pleased as punch to share my joy & pleasure the speakers have given me. Like most pleasurable things in life, it is a subjective opinion, but one's opinion can be reinforced when others share the same conclusion.
Sadly the Osborn speakers are the best kept secret in Europe, they seem to sell well over in Southeast Asia, but I think its criminal denying others the glorious pleasure they have given me.
My Equipment consists of Krell LSA100s Power amp, Audio Research SP9 MkIII, using Transparent II interconnects between pre & power. Cable Talk Concert Speaker cable.
The most obvious thing about the sound is their capability of plumbing such a deep bass, often I have been asked where the sub woofer was. Also the speakers have an uncanny knack of eliciting the most subtle of nuances (given the correct attached hardware) in any music, classic & rock alike. As I said I have a choice, particularly after 5 years, of being able to choose ANY brand of speaker that befits my whim & fancies, to date I have yet to hear a finer speaker for the money. I know the law of diminishing returns kicks in, but I would have to spend an obscene amount of money to get a better sound. As I said before, it seems criminal that more discerning people have not been able to share the delights of hearing these beasties.
I work in the computer industry whereby, through technology, a good or bad thing is communicated at the speed of light (sometimes almost literally), whereas word of mouth regarding sound & hifi is still propagated at such a relatively slow pace, mainly constrained by the channel markets & distribution. I would urge anyone to give the speakers an audition and I'm sure you will be as addicted as I have become to them.

From Will Loyal,

Maidenhead, Berks., UK.


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