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From: David Barnard
To: Greg Osborn
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 10:17 PM

Hi Greg.

I thought you should know how good your equipment sounds when compared to similar or more expensively priced equipment elsewhere.   I came down from Sydney recently with my friend Simon to listen to your Reference Epitome and Grand Monument speakers as well as the Trans Trac and Capitole power amplifiers and the Capitole and Prima CD players.  
I was amazed at the sound of the equipment we auditioned when I compare it to what I have heard over the past 6 months.   Greg, the combination of the Capitole CD player, Capitole power amp and the Conconance Reference pre-amp with the Grand Monuments is the best I have heard to date.

When we heard the soundtrack from "The Mission" played by John Williams it was as if he was in front of us playing - I have never experienced this before.  
I could not believe the difference between the Prima and Capitole CD players. The Prima sounds fine compared to CD players I have auditioned previously in Sydney but the Capitole CD player gave the music an extra dimension - as if you were listening to the performer live.

Shortly after we returned to Sydney, I dragged Simon along to a well known dealer to compare what we had heard at your premises with equipment which was of a similar price. This included the Musical Fidelity Nuvista 3D CD player and M3 integrated amplifer ($9500 each) with B & W 802 ($19000 pair) and JM Lab Mezzo Utopia ($25000 pair) speakers.   We played the same tracks from the CDs we had heard at your premises to make as close a comparison as possible.   
There was simply no comparison - it was not even close. The sound of your equipment was far superior. We literally looked at each other after playing 30 seconds of the first track at the dealer and screwed up our faces - the sound was uninvolving, muddied and gave no 3D image unlike what we heard at your place.  
I thought you may like to know that your equipment (although it is not cheap) offers very good value for money when compared to equipment of a similar or more expensive price available elsewhere.

Best wishes for your continued success.

David Barnard