Osborn Loudspeakers is a one man Company, but has managed to;

*Despite never advertising, has sold over 3500 pairs in 16 Countries. All by word of mouth. (Never advertised until September 2014 with Stereonet)

*Chosen for the Sultan of Brunei to replace a pair of speakers costing US$100,000. With his Home Theatre speakers, totaled nearly $300,000. He told his advisers to get the best,
regardless of cost. They looked at speakers up to US$500,000, before choosing the best they had heard, a pair of Osborn Grand Epitome for $6,000, with Home Theater speakers, totaled only $14,500.

*Bound for Sound Magazine in the USA spent two years searching the world for the best possible speaker, regardless of price. The run away winner, and by far the cheapest
speaker tested, was the Osborn Epitome and Bass Units at $7,480. These were the only speaker they had ever kept as a Reference.

*Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, (USA) the World's largest Internet magazine, went to the CES in Las Vegas looking for a Reference speaker for
the magazine, and after going around the entire 1500 display rooms, they chose the Eclipse at $3,990, which they rated as the best tower speaker they had ever tested.

*When Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, appointed an Australian Editor, after careful auditioning, he chose Osborn for all his Reference Speakers.
(Plus all his Home Theatre speakers and his amplifiers.

*Peter Moncrieff from International Audio Review, probably the most respected reviewer in the US, rated the Epitome and Bass Units ($7,480) as virtually the mythically
perfect speaker, outperforming all small and all large speakers.

*He later reviewed the Grand Monument Reference, and rated it as unsurpassed by any speaker at any price in the World. It was the first speaker he ever awarded a A1+ rating.

*Bound for Sound Magazine in the USA, on auditioning the Grand Monument Reference declared it to be "An island of sanity in a sea of fiscal stupidity"
(Referring to the excessive pricing of other super speakers)

*Because of the extraordinary performance of Consonance products, I have now sold over 1500 of their amplifiers and CD players.

Countries we now have speakers;

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand
*(By the Sultan himself)






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