Bound for Sound Issue 140 January 2002

111. Greg Osborn advances on the competition.

I've got to admit it's getting better. - John Lennon.

Martin DeWulf commenting on the Eclipse Review.

MGD comments: To address some of Dr. Weiner's speculations. 1 have heard in the Big Rig an Osborn speaker very similar to the one of wistfully dreamed of above. It was the Titan Reference. It had the lead lined cabinet and the Focal Audiom tweeter, but crossover work was still proceeding. Nonetheless, it may have been the finest sounding 2-way bookshelf speaker I have ever heard. The lead lined cabinet works, as does the marvelous tweeter. The speaker sounded much, much larger than it actually was.
It extended deeper in the bass in a manner that was amazingly tight and tuneful. The music in the mids was solid, musical discontinuities so accustomed to by the trained ear, were gone - and the music took on a presence that made me love the speaker. In many ways it sounded like a mini Silverline LaFolia and I can't give it much higher praise than that.

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