Osborn C5 Centre Speaker

            The Osborn "C5" was designed and constructed with little compromise in order to obtain the highest possible sound quality in a large and powerful system. The only criteria in the choice of components, materials, size and cost is the achievement of the ultimate sound quality, in order to match whichever other Osborn Loudspeakers are used as the main speakers, in a Home Theatre system. We believe that our design goals have been realised with this speaker. The C5 is ideal for the heavy demands placed on a centre speaker by Dolby Digital and DTS. The cabinet is constructed from 32 mm Customwood instead of the usual 18 mm Chipboard used by other Centre Speaker manufacturers. There is also heavy bracing from the front to back and from top to bottom on either side of each driver. This ensures that the output of the rear of the Bass Driver is more thoroughly isolated from the sound emitted from the speaker itself. Any spurious cabinet vibrations will result in a loss of definition and sonic purity. It is very heavy and very solid.

The drive units were chosen from the best available from around the world for unrivalled speed and accuracy. As a result, a level of transparency comparable to the larger Osborn Loudspeakers has been achieved.

The Osborn C5 uses a single, very high quality shielded tweeter and the same single 7" midrange that is used in the Epitome and Grand Monument Reference. The two 7" W Cone bass drivers operate in parallel, using the same 3 way crossover as the Epitome. This speaker is flat to 35 Hz and has usable bass to well under 30 Hz. This allows for the entire range of human voices to be easily reproduced.

The crossovers use some of the best components attainable. The capacitors are imported from the USA and the inductors are wound in-house as none are available commercially which meet our criteria. Each crossover is hard wired with quality Datalink ultra high speed, ultra wide bandwidth cable.

The speaker is designed to be used with large projection or Plasma systems. The cabinet is exceptionally strong and is able to easily withstand any weight. The timber finish of your choice is an optional extra if it is required to match the main speakers or decor.

Center speakers are made in black vinyl veneer as standars, as they are usually placed under a Television. However they are available in any required veneer.

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SPEAKER DIMENSIONS  210 X 460 X 1050 mm 
WEIGHT  40 Kg 
EFFICIENCY   92 dB for 1 watt at 1 meter. 
Tweeter     30 mm Titanium inverted dome with 1.2 Kg. magnet.  Dome weight 0.275g. (Shielded)
Mid  179 mm Polyglass cone with cast aluminum frame  40 mm copper  wound voice coil. Total  moving mass 11.8 g. Magnet weight  3 Kg. (Shielded) 
Bass 2 of 179mm W Cone with cast aluminum frame  40 mm copper  wound voice coil. Total  moving mass 18.3g. Magnet weight  1.5 Kg. (Shielded) 
FREQUENCY RESPONSE  35 to 19000 Hz +/- 2 db. -10dB points 35 and 21000 Hz. 
CROSSOVER POINTS   125 and 3700 Hz @ 6 dB/Octave. 
MAXIMUM POWER  120 Watts R.M.S per Channel. 
Rec. Min.     As per requirements. 

          The above specifications show why this speaker is capable of such extraordinary transient performance yet reveals such intimate detail in the music. This fidelity is possible due to the fine tolerances and light weight of the driver voice coils. This minimal compromise design allows the natural life and excitement of the original live performance to be faithfully reproduced.