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Osborn Loudspeakers are proud sole distributors of Opera Audio Consonance high end audio equipment. Please take time to browse the range and company information below. Osborn Loudspeakers uses Consonance equipment within its reference system and its Home Theatre System.

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Valve Preamplifiers.
 Often asked question - Single ended or Push pull?  This review pretty well matches my opinions...............>  The diference is the same as between solid state and push pull valve (providing it is an exceptional valve amp. Then it doesn't matter how good the solid state amp is). It depends on what you want to achieve.


Linear 1 Pre Amplifier  (New Hi Fi+ Review)

All new Flagship pre, designed to go with the 845S, or anywhere else a superior pre is needed. Availabe with or without remote.


 R50 Reference Preamplifier

The smaller brother to the awesome R1.1, however it does have remote volume for a small loss of sonics, but a big improvement in convenience.
Perfect match with new Cyber 880.

$2895 order only

R1.1 Reference Preamplifier 

Two channel tube preamplifier with awesome performance, competative with the very best.

 R1.3  Transformer Passive Attenuator Line Stage

A quite astonishing passive transformer pre amp with 6db of gain. This pre amp achieves what other normal passive pre amps set out to achieve, but failed.
A perfect match with the Cyber range of mono blocks.
Integrated Valve Amps

$3875 with KT88/KT120
$4200 with KT150

Cyber-880i integrated amplifiers

2 channel 100w/ch stereo valve integrated amplifier with with easy to use bias adjustment from knob on front, using built in meter.  All the stunning musicality of the Cyber 100 15th Anniversary, but more so. Bigger more powerful sound, better detail and even more refined but with almost unlimited raw power.

The KT150 is clearly the superior tube, and all are now ordered with it, but we keep KT120 on hand if required.

with KT150

 Cyber-100 15th anniversary integrated amplifiers

Very impressive, special 15th anniversary model, designed to use everything learnt over the years about integrated amplifier design. Pure Class A, 35 watt/ch, KT120 tubes.


CYBER-10 Signature Integrated Tube Amplifier

A smooth rich and detailed integrated amplifier running A3A tubes, in push pull to give a surprisingly powerful 11 w/ch.

Click for new Review


M100 plus Integrate Tube Amplifier

A stunning, powerful and musical Amplifier that has been a best seller over the years, now re-introduced, as it is an affordable alternative to the now more expensive models.

Ultralinear. EL34 tubes. 40 w/ch. Remote volume.

Solid State Power Amps All Solid state Integrated amps.

$1670 - 3 channel
$1340 - 2 channel

A3 - 3 channel power amplifier
A2 - 2 channel power amplifier

Brand new from Consonance, at my request comes a 2 channel (A2) and a 3 channel (A3) power amplifier, for use in Home Theater systems. The amplifiers are the same amplifiers as used in the power sections of the R150, and are real power houses, testing in excess of 150 watts per channel. Their sonics are streets ahead of any amplifiers found in Home Theatre amplifiers.

Integrated SS Amps All Solid state Integrated amps.

*Solid State flagship       (New Review)
Forbidden City - Calaf   200W/ch Solid State Integrated.
No compromise design. A powerhouse to compete with (And beat them) the big names in solid state amplification in every area but the price.

Forbidden City - Tristan  100W/ch Solid State Integrated.

New smaller version of the mighty Calaf.
Hi End solid state integrated with quality MM/MC Phono stage.
Stereo Valve Amp


 Cyber 880 100 w/c stereo valve amplifier

2 channel 100w/ch stereo valve amplifier with with easy to use bias adjustment from knob on front, using built in meter.
Perfect match with new R50 preamplifier.  Stunning musicality with raw power.

or $4080
with Full Music tubes.

 Cyber 880A 30 w/c stereo valve amplifier

All new 2 channel stereo valve amplifier with with easy to use bias adjustment from knob on front, using built in meter.
Perfect match with new R50 preamplifier. Surprisingly powerful and supurb musicality.

Monoblock Valve Amps


 Cyber 800 Mk 11 (Monoblocks)

Reference quality 100 W/ch.  Mono Amplifiers. Ultralinear. Powerful, dynamic, sweet and detailed.  $9000 in Europe and worth twice that. Unbelievable, unbeatable performance.


Cyber 845S (Mono Blocks)

All new Reference version of the already awesome Cyber 845. Still Pure Class A, Single Ended and 28 w/ch. but improved circuitry, all tube power rectification, and bias meter built into the front.

Integrated Hybrid Amps Solid state power amp. Valve preamp section.


 a120 Hybrid Integrated (Tube Pre) (New Review)

2 Channel 90W/ch Stereo version of C1 but with tube pre amp for more natural, sweeter sound.    

Reference 150 Linear Hybrid Integrated (Tube Pre)

TheReference 150 Linear is a cool running, Class A design hybrid amplifier with a simpler volume control system.  It can deliver 120 power output per channel with an even more reliable performance.
 DAC with USB - Network  

Docking Station $140
 Suzanne portable Music Player.
A Super High quality portable, or connect to Hi Fi Music Player.

PCM up to 32bit/384kHz, DSD up to DSD128(1bit/5.6M)
Ready for DSD 2.8M/5.6M.
Support DFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE lossless formats


 Reference8 pro High Definition Vacuum Music Streamer

Reference8 pro is the representative of the third generation of Consonance hiend audiophile music player. It used ARMv71.5Ghz quad core CPUs make more higher ability and performance of the processing, and the high definition audio playback. It is simple to control the Reference8 pro thanks to its slick Web-based control interface. Use it with any browser, with any device: Mac, Pc, Android, iOS or anything with a browser.
Everything from configuration to Playback is just a fingertip away.

Reference 8-20. High Definition Vacuum Music Player

1. Digital stream master network audio interface (32bit/384kHz )
DSD, 5.6MHz,
2. Digital stream Hard Disk recorder (32Bit/192KHz)
3. WI-FI/LAN Internet radio
4. 32Bit/384KHz D/A Converter with asynchronous upsampling
6. 6H30 tube output
7. Three Group analog outputs (2*RCAs and 1*XLR Balanced ,1*RCA with tube ouput)
8. Coaxial digital input for independent D/A Converter mode


Figaro, High Definition digital music Player/DAC & Internet Radio.

The Figaro streamer has the same digital platform of R8, simplifying the less commonly used port and function while providing a much cheaper price and higher value, putting more focus on playing DSD music and supports DSD128files. Controlable via front knob, Remote Control or with an iPad or Android device.
Up to 2 external USB Hard Drives or USB.


 Reference DSD1.1
32Bit/768KHz DSD256 d/a convertor

Flagship DAC. Inputs by USB, RCA, Optical or Network via wi fi or LAN or USB HD via a Server such as the X5. Suports;
32bit / 768kHz DSD64(1bit 2.8M) DSD128(1bit 5.6M) DSD256(1bit 11.2M). Tube or Solid State output.


Don Curzio
24Bit/192KHz DSD128 d/a convertor

A very high quality DAC desiged for streaming music via USB.



X5 audio streaming interface

The X5 is a specially designed HD streaming device. It connects a DAC through the USB2.0 port and uses a simple browser.Both stored and network files will play equally well without difficulty.The browser UI is simple and easy to use.

 Box 1.1 - 24/96 USB to SPIF Converter

Precision 12.0 Mhz master clock for lowest possible jitter performance.
Supported OS: Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7 and Mac.
Plug & Play, no installing drivers or software.
Self-powered via USB input.
Accepts high resolution audio files up to 24 bits/96 kHz data rate.
 CD Players  

CD120 24/192 CD Player       (Review)
The Stereo Times 2006 “Most Wanted Components”

24/192 Khz CD player. Solid State output.  Awesome performance.

(Now standard with Gold tube)

  R 2.2CD Mk.3 HD 24/192 CD Players    
24/192 kHz tube output.  

Superb build quality and a sound unsurpassed by the competition at 4 times the price.   Now with analogue remote volume.  Now fitted with Digital in to allow streaming from computers.


with volume
(Now standard with Gold tube)
Droplet CD5.0 VD. Reference CD Player
Superb 24bit 192kHz up-sampling top loading CD-playerFull-balanced 6H30 tube output and top-loading design.
Wood, graphite and ceramic sandwich chassis construction.
Special made super-clock employed for further lower Jitter. Now fitted with Digital in to allow streaming from computers.
 Phono Stages  


 R 40 MC/MM Phono stage

Flagship phono using NOS tubes to MM and high quality transformer to MC. Quite stunning performance. Separate power supply for low noise.

 PM-2 MM/MC. Like the R40, all tube to MM and then high quality transformer to MC. Separate power supply to remove it from sensitive high gain phono stage. Head and shoulders over other brand phono stages for a natural, musical performance. Also available as a single box PM-1 MM stage only for $710

PM-8  Quite exceptional, all solid state MM/MC phono stage. Separate power supply. Fully adjustable via dip switches for a great musical experience.
 Turntables  Phono Stages and Turntables


Record Cleaning Machine

This sleek looking vinyl cleaning machine is a must-have for serious analog lovers with decent collection of high quality vinyl.
It is an improvement on the fabulous VPI Record Cleaner, and much cheaper.

$5700 - Air Suspension
 Air-1 Air suspension turntable

Spectacular new Turntable available with, or without air suspension, specially designed for the spectacular new air suspension, linear tracking LT-1/LT1S tonearm.

LT-1/LT-1S Air Bearing - Linear Tracking Tonearm

Flagship Air Bearing, Linear Tracking Tonearm which effectively eliminates tracking errors, vibration and resonance from detracting from information retreived by the cartridge.

       $4860 with T988 or T1288 or T8
$4290 without Arm
($1390 extra with stand.)
Droplet LP5 Mk 2 Turntable & Stand

Awesome flagship turntable, reviewed as in same class as the awesome Goldmund Reference. Weighing around 100Kg with stand.

$3990 with T8 arm

 LP2.1 Die Walküre TurntableTurntable System

An all new supurbly built Turntable, weighing 18 Kg, which can take up to 3 tone Arms.


$2650 with T988

 Forbidden City - "Liu" Turntable

The Forbidden City- Liu is a Beijing fashioned, more cost effective version of the award winning Droplet LP5.0 turntable, equipped with Consonance designed tone-arm, the ST100 and the T8 

$1,390 with T8

Isolde Turntable

Quite exceptional entry level turntable, arm combination for unrivalled performance and simplicity of set up and operation.

 Power Cables

$230 each

 ELLA BABY Power Cord

Stunning power lead that easily outperforms the competition at 5 times the price

Line Conditioners

 D- Linear 15

A complete power conditioner with surge, lightning and over voltrage protection.
The D-linear15 supplies 3 groups, which totals 10 output ports, including the digital power supply, the analog power supply and the power output power supply.These plugs will accept any plug from anywhere in the World. The digital power supply ports are for audio source equipments (such as CD, DVD, DAC and digital stream players).

$290 each

$190 each

 PW-1 Audio Grade L ine Conditioner

PW-3 Super quality 6 socket shielded power board

A Large range of Triode and Single Ended designs are also available to order - see Consonance's web site for details. If you are interested in any non stocked models, please contact Osborn Loudspeakers.

Do yourself a favor and have a listen to these.   If you are a tube type person, you will be stunned. If you are a solid state person, you will be converted, as I was.

Distributor's comments:

The Consonance range are constructed in Beijing, China.    China makes a lot of amplifiers, some good, most bad.   A lot of them look beautiful, but the designers have little idea of what they are doing.    I have heard a lot of Chinese amplifiers on my systems, and they have ranged from poor to reasonable, but until now, never great.   My distributor in Canada showed me a baby tube amplifier that he was testing.   It was the bottom of the range, the M99, a 25 w/ch integrated push pull design.   I heard it played on my Titan loudspeakers and was so impressed that I ordered the 40 watt/ch version and, getting carried away, the 75 watt/ch Mono Blocks and Preamplifier. (Never having heard them).  As soon as they arrived and I heard them,  I immediately arranged to be the Australian Distributor.

I have never had any interest in being a Distributor, or selling electronics.   It just isn't what I do, but when a product as good as the Audio Aero or the Consonance comes along, there is no choice.

Company Background:

"Simple, Human"
Like other Hi-End manufacturers, Opera Audio specializes in the development and research of tube audio amplifiers. The goal of realizing the beauty of music since the establishment of the company six years ago has not been changed.

"Simple, Human" refers to revealing as much as possible the original spirit and artistic content of music. To fill a static, cold machine with solid cultural content and artistic energy, until the greatest visual and musical satisfaction is reached.

Through the six years of business development, Opera Audio understands how difficult it is to build up a recognized brand name. Technology is only one of the means; it must be used creatively. To enable the perfect marriage of workmanship and musical arts, we learn from the past and continue to challenge the perfection level. To achieve this goal, we will continue to perfect our products like we always do. By injecting more cultural and human factor into the products, it increases both practicality and outlook, bringing more spiritual satisfaction and enjoyment to the users. We will continue to improve our interpretation of music and feelings. Through our products to pass on the musical beauty to every music lovers.

Located in Beijing, Opera Audio has become one of the leading tube audio amplifier manufacturers in China. Through our overseas distributors and positive reviews, we are gaining international recognition . The Consonance range of amplifiers has been well received since launching in the Chinese and international markets. With the goal of delivering good music as our number one priority, tasteful appearance and reasonable selling price remain the key success factor in surviving the tough competition in the Hi-End market nowadays.¡¡

About the vacuum tubes used by Consonance amps
Opera Audio has been manufacturing tube amplifiers for six years now. Throughout the six years the choice and application of tube has gradually become their own principal and style. Keen followers of Opera Audio will notice that, the power tubes used are mostly EL34, 6L6/KT66 and 300B. Although the tube brand names has changed from time to time but the type used are still the same. It is the sound delivered by the power tubes that becomes the first principle of Opera Audio's choice of vacuum tubes. EL34, 6L6/KT66 and 300B belongs to the high efficiency types with lively and detail sound, good transparency in high frequency. There is no need to say more of the 300B. The EL34 and 6L6/KT66 are famous due to their availability with different brand names, neutral sounding, good consistency and reliability. Therefore they are used by many manufacturers and consequently easier for users to enjoy tube rolling to suit their different taste. All in all this adds fun into the ownership of tube amplifiers.

The driver tube used by Opera Audio are largely 6SN7 (6N8P/6H8C) and Shuguang 6N8P is used in several models. The reason being there is a large stock of Shuguang 6N8P and comparing with import 6SN7 the quality is very close and it has very good reliability. The reliability factor is also the second principle of Opera Audio's choice of vacuum tubes. The use of Sovtek 6922 as pre-amplification is due to its smooth sounding characteristic with excellent transparency (also used by Audio Research and Sonic Frontiers). The tube used in Opera Audio's pre-amplifier like the T1 and QM-3 are US military JAN Philips 5814A (T99 uses Sovtek 6922) and this has a lot to do with circuit design. The pre-amplifier uses different improved SRPP circuit without global negative feedback but localized negative feedback, giving very good linearity and transient response. Opera Audio chooses 5814A (ECC82/12AU7) for its musicality and neutrality. 5814A are also more suitable for open loop circuit application.

In short, the sound of Opera Audio's tube amplifiers is neutral and natural with the driving stage as simple as possible. (The less driving stage the purer the sound and reduces the chance of colored sound). Whatever tubes that meets the above requirement will be considered, but ultimately the application will depend on power, internal impedance, and musical quality and circuit adaptation considerations.

In manufacturing application, all tubes are tested by Opera Audio's computer controlled vacuum tubes curve tracer, Sofia by Audiomatica of Italy.This effectively improves the quality of tube matching, reliability and life span of the tubes used by Opera Audio. On the other hand, except that model with self bias like the M500 and J500SE, all fixed bias tube amplifiers features power monitoring with adjustment capability. This enables the users to actively participate in the monitoring of the power tubes and this will extend the reliability of the power tubes. This is also the other major difference Opera Audio has in addition to the sound preference with other tube manufacturers. It is the same reason that all products sold will be back up by one-year standard warranty with 90 days warranty on vacuum tubes.


About single-ended amplifiers
Single-ended class A amplifiers belongs to an elite family of tube amplifiers. Nowadays, famous Hi-End manufacturers like Jadis, Audio Note, Cary...etc, all have their top model based on 300B single-ended amplifiers. The most famous vintage single-ended amplifier belongs to Western Electric's WE 91A, which was used for theatre and public PA application. They began in 1935 using a single 300B (early models were using 300A) with two 6C6 pentode and an input transformer to accept balanced input. Since the 300B has very good linearity, coupled with the simple class A single-ended circuit, the harmonic distortion generated at the rated output is relatively small. Usually at the maximum output, the total harmonic distortion is less than 5% , and they are mainly second harmonics. Matching with greater than 90dB speakers it generates a rich musical sound and transparency. This is especially true when playing vocals and small chamber classical music.

Before 1946 most theatre amplifiers made in the US were using triode as the power tube. Standard frequency response was 80Hz to 10KHz and the output power ranging from 10 to 16W. driving horn speakers. In the late 60s, the development of single end class A amplifier originated from Japan and since then, the popularity of using it with high efficiency speakers increased. The tube used were mainly directly heated triode 300B, 2A3 and 845. Among them 300B has the best sound. This quickly spread to Europe and then the whole world, with this type of amplifier being regarded as an all time classic.

The top models in Opera Audio's amplifier line up, the M500, M500S, J500SE and J400 are all based on the 300B single-ended class A design.

Nowadays single-ended class A amplifiers are everywhere. Speaker sensitivity can now be easily made greater than 90dB, and with the improvement of components quality. The most important reason is the incredible sound reproduction. Single-ended amplifier's circuit is very simple. For a power amplifier, usually there is a voltage amplification stage, driver stage and power amplification stage. The use of only one driver tube and one power tube in a single-ended amplifier (like the M500) is even more simple. The change in sound is almost due entirely to the power tube and the output transformer. Single-ended amplifier can also use two power tubes in parallel to increase the output power (like the M500S and J400). In that case the output power is doubled and the output impedance is reduced by half. The driving voltage is the same but the distortion is a bit more than using only one power tube. Up to a certain degree, better linearity of the power tube and high quality of the output transformer has the most important effect on the sound of single-ended amplifiers.

Due to the output transformer, a single-ended amplifiers always has a large amount of DC flowing through it, in order to avoid distortion caused by magnetic saturation of the iron core, there should be air gap in the iron core. To obtain a good low frequency response, the size of the iron core also needs to be increased. Usually the size of a well designed output transformer of a single end amplifier, is physically 3 to 4 times bigger than a similar output transformer designed for push pull. Due to this reason, the cost of single end output transformer is therefore greater. The single-ended output transformers used by Opera Audio use high grade silicon steel and excellent design to enable good low frequency response. At the same time they are optimized for high frequency distortion and sound characteristic.  A special fixation frame is used and the whole assembly is dipped into a special wax to maintain a
constant air gap which is vital for a good output transformer.