The Consonance Story.

Many people often ask how I came to sell Consonance products, and why? This is the story.

Some years ago, we were staying with my Distributor in Canada. He asked me to come downstairs and have a listen to a little Chinese valve amp, that his friend in the US had sent him to try.
I said I was not interested, as I had heard a lot of Chinese valve amps. Most looked nice and had some strengths, but basically, they were all cr**p. But he insisted, and we went downstairs
where he had this little 25 w/ch Consonance integrated amplifier connected to a pair of my Titans (Now replaced by the Eos)
(From Greek mythology, Eos was the first of the second generation of the Titans) There was also a CD player that I was very experienced with. As soon as the music started, I was stunned.
The soundstage was so big, so lush, and so, so musical. Sitting in a corner was a pair of solid state mono blocks that I knew well, which cost more than 4 times as much as the Consonance,
so I put them on to get a comparison. The music just fell into a thick mess in a soundstage half the size. My distributor told me that apparently the next model up was "really something."
I contacted the factory in Beijing and ordered one of these "Next ones up." The M100, and a pair of their small EL34 mono blocks and matching pre amp. On returning to Australia, I started to
doubt myself. My amp at the time was worth $16,000, and that was when $16,000 was a lot of money. I had compared them to Sonic Frontiers, Macintosh, Krell, Mark Levinsons, Classe,
Carey, Audio Research and others, but never found anything that was better, or in most cases, even close, but when the little Consonance amps arrived, they blew my amps into the weeds and
I never used them again. The 40w/ch M100 became the amp I used to demonstrate most of my speaker rage and the impact on all my customers was immediate, everyone wanted me to get one
for them. I had never planned to sell electronics. I was a speaker manufacturer, but several times I got an amp in for people. Then I decided that I would be better to buy several at a time, to
save on shipping, and so that people didn't have to wait for weeks. Consonance didn't mind. About 85% of people buying speakers also bought am amplifier, and when they started to make CD
players, the performance was the same and they all bought them as well. It was really amusing when people bought their $7,000 to $10,000 amplifier over to audition speakers, and I said at the end,
"Would you like to have a listen to this two grand integrated?" Then watch as their eyes bugged and they let loose exclamations such as "Holy sh**, and other blasphemies, as a huge 3 dimensional
soundstage, with all the instruments separated from each other, and positioned firmly across the stage, and such lush, musical vocals appeared before them.
I then asked if I could be their agent here, which they agreed. Since then, I have not advertised, or pushed them, but have so far sold nearly 1800 of them. The reason for this is;
" I only sell direct, so are about half World prices, often quite a bit less.

" Their performance is extraordinary.
" Their build quality is extraordinary.
" Their reliability is excellent
" The factory backup and service is exceptional.

The rest is history.