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Australia and the rest of the World
I have decided to sell direct in Australia. Otherwise it just adds 70% to the price.                                                                                  

Osborn Loudspeakers.

17 Hammersley Court,
Taylors Lakes, 3038.                                                                                                       
Victoria, Australia.                                                                                                     

Telephone +(613) 93901564. Fax +(613) 93904775.                                                                                                                 


Direct sales are offered to residents of countries and states not supported by an Osborn dealership. A full no- obligation, money back guarantee is offered where the speakers are returned undamaged, within 2 months, or longer by agreement to allow for shipping delays. Osborn Loudspeakers will not be responsible for the cost of freight, but will guarantee to locate the most reasonably priced shipping agents.

Please email or fax for a direct sale price list for countries and States not supported by dealers.


Contact : Gerard Wezenberg, Phone +31 (0)578 661199         



HiFi-guiden AS
Strandgata 33
2317 Hamar
Tlf: 62 52 97 06

New Zealand   

Osborn Loudspeakers' sole selling agent is:
Jason Parmenter
Parmenter Sound.