Osborn E1 Effects speakers


          This minimal compromise design allows the natural life and excitement of the original live performance to be faithfully reproduced. Remember the power requirements of an Effects Speakers is not as high as for Main Speakers and Subwoofers. This speaker was originally designed to meet the requirements of the Home Theatre package as ordered by the Sultan of Brunei, hence a speaker of incredible performance was required.

           In a Home Theater application, especially when using THX
(TM), a side fill speaker is required. This will become particularly important when THX 7.1 is released. A bipolar effects speakers gives an airy side fill, filling in the space between the front and rear speakers. The speakers are switchable between dipole and bipole, depending on application and requirement.

           Effects speakers usually sound terrible if played as a stereo pair. The drive units were chosen from the best available from around the world for unrivaled speed and accuracy. As a result, a level of transparency comparable to the rest of the range of Osborn Loudspeakers has been achieved. In fact in designing these speakers, several respected competing models were tried. These all sounded awful when asked to reproduce music. The E1 sounds amazing as a stereo pair, with a wide firm soundstage and a sense of weight and authority not found in a speaker of this type.
          The speaker can be stand, furniture or wall mounted. Wall mounting is preferable at a height of about 2 meters from the floor, alongside or slightly in front of the listening position.

            The "E1" Effects speaker is effectively 2 Osborn F1 Speakers in the one cabinet and firing at a 45 degree angle from each other. The purpose of this design is to give a spacious side fill to the image within the room. This is a true Audiophile speaker system which has been adapted to this requirement. This is to ensure that the integrity and purity of the sound emitting from your Osborn Front and Rear Speakers is maintained.



SPEAKER DIMENSIONS   287 X 210 X 532 mm 
WEIGHT   15 Kg.  
EFFICIENCY  90 db for 1 watt at 1 meter. 
Tweeter  2 X 30 mm Kevlar inverted dome with 0.5 Kg. magnet. Dome weight 0.25g 
Mid/Bass  2 of 150mm Polyglass cone. 40mm edge  wound flat  copper wire.  Total 1.6 Kg. Resonant  Frequency 45Hz. 
FREQUENCY RESPONSE  40 to 19000 Hz +/- 2 db. -10db points 35 and 21000 Hz. 
CROSSOVER POINTS    3700 Hz @ 6 db/Octave. 
MAXIMUM POWER   100 Watts R.M.S / Channel. 

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