Osborn F4 Super (All New for 2009)

Special Introductory price of $1,685

"The F4 Super is the perfect comprise between the previous model F4 and Interlude"

           The F4 Super, is the perfect comprise between size, performance and cost. It has the same sense of power and authority as the more expensive Interlude, and is capable of an amazing performance, in both music and in home theater applications. The all new 8" mid bass is an exceptional driver, and the next model down from the top of the line driver used in the all new Interlude, and as a bass in the new 2009 Eclipse.   It is stunningly fast with a spectacular dynamic range, giving a performance which will satisfy anyone who wants a big sound, but does not have the space or decor to suite a larger speaker. It is easily as good as the driver previously used in the Interlude and Eclipse. Every attempt has been made to retain as much of the stunning performance of the new Interlude as possible. whilst costing less. In keeping the price down as low as possible, savings have been made by using 1.2mm wire in the Inductors in place of the Interludes 1.7mm. Quality Solan Capacitors are used instead of the prohibitively expensive Hovland MusiCaps. The tweeter uses is the same as used in the Interlude and the Eclipse, weighing a massive 1.4 Kg.  The F4 Super also used the same solid lipping, rounded corners of the more expensive models. Because of these changes the F4 Super is almost as impressive in every way as the slightly larger and more expensive Interludes. The bass and lower midrange is exceptional. As a value for money package, it is unsurpassed. The only difference between these and the all new Interlude, is the Bass Drivers and the capacitors uses in the tweeter crossover.

The above specifications show why these speakers are capable of such extraordinary transient performance for such a relatively small speaker and yet reveal such intimate detail in the music. This fidelity is possible due to the fine tolerances and light weight of the driver voice coils. This minimal compromise design allows the natural life and excitement of the original live performance to be faithfully reproduced.

It is vitally important in the accurate reproduction of music, that there is no dynamic compression to strangle the music during transients. The transient ability of the F4 Supers and their ability to play accurately at whatever volume the music takes them, is unsurpassed.

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DIMENSIONS 855 X 270 X 355 mm
WEIGHT 33.5 Kg.
EFFICIENCY 91db for 1 watt at 1 meter.
Tweeter 30 mm Titanium inverted dome with 1.25Kg. magnet. Dome weight 0.25g.
Mid/Bass 205mm Polyglass cone. 40 mm edge wound flat copper wire. Cone weight 20.9g. Magnet weight 2.2 Kg.  Resonant Frequency 29Hz.
FREQ. RESPONSE 35 to 19000 Hz +/- 2  and  21000  Hz.
CROSSOVER POINTS 3700 Hz @ 6 db/octave.
MAXIMUM POWER 120 Watts R.M.S per Channel.
Rec. Min. 20 Watts per Channel.






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