Osborn Twinultimate Subwoofer

       This is the ultimate Home Theater Subwoofer.   It is in fact two Ultimate subwoofers in the same cabinet. Although superb on music reproduction, the Monumental is a better choice if the intended use is primarily for music. The reason is simple. The larger drivers cannot match the speed and integrity of a smaller unit. However as a Home Theater Subwoofer, it is truly unsurpassed. The bass is stunningly deep and fast. Gunshots sound like they are in the room and the impact strikes you in the chest. Your chair shakes and shudders alarmingly as the action on the scene hots up, but the bass never rumbles with the thick, unnatural sound of other, lesser subwoofers. The ease and depth of the sound makes other subwoofers sound irritating. Although these are two large bass drivers, the huge motor assemblies and suburb build quality easily overcomes the disadvantage of a relatively large moving mass. These drivers start and stop instantly and have stunning bass control with truly shocking transient abilities. This is the subwoofer used by the designer. (Two of them) Nothing else quite does.
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SPEAKER DIMENSIONS  940 X 720 X 550 mm (H-W-D) 
WEIGHT   100 Kg. 
EFFICIENCY  95 db for 1 watt at 1 meter. 


 2 X 356 mm Polyglass. 77 mm Voice Coil, edge wound flat copper wire. Cone weight 114.3 g. Driver weight 13.5 Kg. Resonant Frequency 23 Hz. 
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 15 Hz to 125 Hz. Usable bass to 10 Hz. Variable Crossover between 20 and 120 Hz. 
AMPLIFIER  350 watt version of Redgum subwoofer amplifier.  Maximum peak power output is 800 watts.