Standard Veneers

Our standard veneers that, usually held in stock, are Jarrah and Bubinga. Tasmanian Blackwood is sometimes stocked and can be ordered at any time. None of these veneers are from Rainforest trees and all are either naturally plentiful or Plantation Grown.   

Most other veneer are available to order.  A small extra cost, usually about 5%, may be levied to cover costs of "One Off Orders".   Naturally the extra cost of unusally expensive veneers will be also added.



Jarrah is an Australian Hardwood. It is incredibly hard and is commonly used as a decking timber, Railway Sleepers and Outdoor Furniture. It was made into shovels during World War 11 for use in London for picking up incendiaries dropped by German bombers. It was the only material that they didn't just burn through. It is extremely resistant to weathering. It comes an varying colors ranging from a light pink, to brown to virtually black. Furniture Grade veneers are usually brownish with a reddish tinge. Grain ranges from quite prominent to reasonably straight.



Bubinga is a South African timber. It is available in either quilted cut or crown cut. The crown cut gives standard timber grain, and the quilted cut gives a burled effect.(as pictured)

Bubinga is naturally a very pale timber with a light creamy color. It is stained to the deep translucent red pictured.  When a light is shone onto the surface, it takes on a 3D like appearance where it looks like you could reach right into it.




Despite its name, Blackwood is actually very light colored. It is a very hard wood which is very light when new, but ages to a deep honey color.  It is widely used in fine furniture, wall units and tables.