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Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park
Melbourne. November 3rd - 5th, 2017

We will be exhibiting in the Albert Room, which is the largest Audio Room in the Show.





1. Consonance Figaro Music Centre/Strealer/DAC/ Internet Radio (brand new)

The Figaro streamer has the same digital platform of R8, simplifying the less commonly used port and function while providing a much cheaper price and higher value, putting more focus on playing DSD music and supports DSD128files. Controlable via front knob, Remote Control or with an iPad or Android device.
Up to 2 external USB Hard Drives or USB.
Will play any resolution file so far recorded in.

Exceptional quality DAC at this price point.

Normaly $1,950 - This one $1,490

Postage East Coast $40. Western Australia/Northern Territory $60.

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2. Consonance Cyber 880A Stereo Power amp.
An absolutely suberb Pure Class A - Triode amplifier using 4 of 2A3 tubes per channel. Renowned for their musicality. This one is fitted with Pure Music tubes,
the best available, costing about $100 per tube more than the standard EH 2A3. 30w/ch, but a big, powerful, musical sound.
Awesome wit Consonance R1.3 preamp or R50 is remote control is a must, but the performance of the R1.3 is superior.

New $4,080 - This one $2,900

Freight East Coast $80. Western Australia/Northern Territory $120

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Osborn Loudspeakers
17 Hammersley Court, Taylors Lakes, 3038 Victoria, Australia.
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