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We will be exhibiting this year at the Sydney Hi Fi Show. The Intercontental Hotel, 117 Macquarie Street.
in Room 2117 on 28-30th of July. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

1. Consonance Figaro Music Centre/Strealer/DAC/ Internet Radio (brand new)

The Figaro streamer has the same digital platform of R8, simplifying the less commonly used port and function while providing a much cheaper price and higher value, putting more focus on playing DSD music and supports DSD128files. Controlable via front knob, Remote Control or with an iPad or Android device.
Up to 2 external USB Hard Drives or USB.
Will play any resolution file so far recorded in.

Exceptional quality DAC at this price point.

Normaly $1,950 - This one $1,490

Postage East Coast $40. Western Australia/Northern Territory $60.

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2. Consonance CD5 Droplet CD Player/Dac.
(brand new)

Superb 24bit 192kHz up-sampling top loading CD-player. Fully balanced 6H30 tube output and top-loading design.
Wood, graphite and ceramic sandwich chassis construction.
Special made super-clock employed for further lower Jitter. Now fitted with Digital in to allow streaming from computers.
Our most popular CD player. Amazing sonics with a huge 3Dimensional soundstage with every instrument separated from each other and wonderfully rich vocals.
Will play HD files via either line or Optical input. Massive construction, weighing 30 kg. Remote volume control.
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Normaly $3,450 - This one $2,990
East Coast $70. Western Australia/Northern Territory $120.


3. Consonance R1.3 Transformer Pre Amp.

A quite astonishing passive Passive transformer pre amp with 6db of gain. This pre amp achieves what other normal passive pre amps set out to achieve, but failed.
A perfect match with the Cyber range of mono blocks. Or any other high resolution amplifier.
Stunning resolution and soundstaging. Dead quiet so every tiny detail stands out in stark relief.
Spectacular with Balanced Amplifiers.

Conclusion of TNT Review. (See R1.3 page)

In closing, I am really pleased that the world of transformer volume attenuators came to my attention. Whether the ideal of a straight wire with(out) gain has been attained or not, the ability to understand and access the music, the musician's intent and the emotion behind it all is closer now than it was for me previously with the active preamp. The Consonance Ref1.3 comes across as a fine and competent audio component, bearing good looks and flexibility coupled to high performance and a reasonable price tag. With all of the other well-received products emerging from the Opera stable of gear, the Ref1.3 TVC adds glowingly to the successes of this manufacturer and I'm happy to recommend it for serious auditioning. Anyone looking for a simple but effective approach to completely quiet line stage designs would do well to include the Consonance Ref1.3 on their short list of contenders.


This is a carefully used trade in. Perfect, as new condition. Since there are no electronics, it does not wear out, or need warming up to get its maximum performance. My biggest selling preamp.

New $2,535 - This one $1,500

Postage East Coast $40. Western Australia/Northern Territory $60.

4. Consonance Cyber 880A Stereo Power amp.
An absolutely suberb Pure Class A - Triode amplifier using 4 of 2A3 tubes per channel. Renowned for their musicality. This one is fitted with Pure Music tubes,
the best available, costing about $100 per tube more than the standard EH 2A3. 30w/ch, but a big, powerful, musical sound.
Awesome wit Consonance R1.3 preamp or R50 is remote control is a must, but the performance of the R1.3 is superior.

New $4,080 - This one $2,900

Freight East Coast $80. Western Australia/Northern Territory $120

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