Don Curzio
24Bit/192KHz DSD128 d/a convertor

The Don Curzio DSD DAC is named after the Mozart Opera. It uses a high performance XMOS asynchronous processor, supporting a DSD128(1bit/2.82M) decoder. The DSD stream is transfer to the DAC chip in the original DSD code, there is no converting to PCM. It also uses the special USB GND isolation design, which keeps the noise away from the computer's USB. We designed 3 difference digital filter options in the DAC - fast, slow and Direct DSD. This will allow the user to explore differences and give them a choice to select what they prefer. The output has a special Class A DC analog filter with balanced and unbalanced outputs.


We suggest using the JRiver and Foobar2000 Media Center in the Windows operating system.

We suggest using the "Audir vana plus" Media Center in the iOS operating system.


24Bit/192KHz PCM music playback
       1Bit/2.82MHz DSD64 music playback
        1Bit/5.64MHz DSD128 music playback
Analog output: 2.3RMS (RCA, XLR)
Distortion :                <0.0025? (XLR output), <0.003 (RCA output)
SNR:                 >110dB (RCA, XLR)
Digital input:      Coaxial RCA(75 ohm)x2, Optical x1, USB-typeB port x1
Analog output:  RCA x1, XLR x1
Size:                  8.5cm x24.5cm x26.5 cm (HxWxD)
Weight:             4kg