Reference 8 -Pro

High Definition Vacuum Music Player

At last.
A way to access digital download files from anywhere on your network, or bookmark anyInternet Radio, or preferably plug in a USB Hard Drive for the same quality processing as an exceptional CD Player. Or plug in your DVD player as any other transport, and you also have an exceptional CD Player.

Reference8-20 anniversary
High Definition Vacuum Music Player

The Reference8-Proanniversary digital music streamer uses a high performance built-in CPU unit with a FPGA Dual-Clock design, which has a twin custom crystal oscillator supply ultra-lower -130dB phase noise specification.

The Reference8-20 anniversary supports PCM lossless WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC/AAC/MP3/WMA PCM file format the sampling up to 32bit/384kHz and lossless DFF/DSF/ISO DSD256 file format. In otherwise any resolution ever recorded in, or likely to in the future. The DSD stream is directly transmitted from the CPU to the DAC inside the Reference 8-Pro with no conversion to the PCM stream.

The Reference8 Pro supports USB external CD/DVD-ROM to play CD.


It has a high quality built in internet radio receiver. It wil bookmark any Internet Radio Station and stream from it with a simple touch of the menue on the browser, or stream from any of the on line Streaming Sites, at any available or forseen resolution.

1. Web-based control interface.Use it with any browser, with any device: Mac, Pc, Android, iOS or anything with a browser.
2. It for all your music: MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, DSD and much more.
Plus, you can take your music from USB, Network Storage, streaming services like Spotify and act as a DLNA Player.
3. Support USB 3TB or bigger memory device.
4. Play or Rip CD from the external DVD ROM.
5. Seperate digital inputs option Coaxial, Optical and Bluetooth, it is easy to match with high quality external device.
6. DC LPF, balance and unbalance outputs and one more special vaccum output.
7. More digital functions setup can get various sounds.
8. The DAC chip board can easy to remove and fix to do update in the future.
11kg(wooden top cover)
15kg (aluminium top cover)


USB2.0 port×2 for hard disk up to 4TB, 10/1000Mbps LAN, RJ-45 port, support UPnP, NAS and PC sharing.

Supported audio file formats: DSD: DSF (DSD), DIFF (DSD) PCM: FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), WAV, AIFF, APE, MP3, AAC

Supported audio sample rates, bit depths, number of channels: PCM, 44.1khz-384kHz, 16-32bit, Stereo DSD, 2.8MHz-11.2MHz, 1bit, Stereo

Digital inputs: USB2.0, Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth (Name: consonance)

Analog output: Vacuum unbalanced: 2.4V RMS, Distortion: <0.08% unbalanced: 2.4V RMS, Distortion: <0.003% Balanced: 4.8V RMS, Distortion: <0.0025%

Dimensions: 14cm×44cm×33cm (H×W×D) Weight: 8.9kg (wooden top cover) 12.9kg (aluminium top cover)


Download User Manual to view simple Browser based setup and operation.