Retail: $1,290


This is a great little amplifier for anywhere near the price. Superior in performance to integrated and separate pre power amplifiers costing many times its cost. It has a smoother, more relaxing and lifelike, musical performance. Lightning fast with surprising transparency and detail and extraordinary finish and build quality. It projects a huge, deep soundstage. 
The remote control changes the inputs as well as the volume.  The volume and input selected is shown on the front display.


Power Output: 80W + 80W at 8 Ohms
Minimum load: 4 ohms speakers can be connected
Input Sources: 5 selectable inputs switched by gold plated relays
Input Terminals: Gold plated Phono/RCA unbalanced
Output Terminals: One set of gold plated speaker terminals each channel
Line level Outputs: Gold plated Phono/RCA unbalanced pre out
Frequency response: -0.5 dB deviation 2Hz-100kHz
Phase response: Less than 2 degrees deviation 2Hz-100kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: More than 95dB
Input Sensitivity: 500mV
Distortion: Less than 0.02% ( 20W 8 0hms)
Inter-modulation: Less than 0.01% (19kHz + 20kHz)
Remote Control: RC-5 compatible IR system 36kHz modulation
Dimensions / Weight: 8cm x 43cm x 29cm (HxWxD) / 10kg