Cyber 10

Direct Price: $2,390

It is well known that single ended triode (SET) based amplifiers have a unique sound, and so do push pull directly heated triode (DHT) amplifiers like the Cyber-10 signature.  In some applications 11 watts of DHT will sound more powerful and more controlled than 11 watts of SET.  The heaters use AC throughout the design due to the sonic advantages over DC. and at 2.5V on the power tubes, hum is not a problem. The unit is build with point-to-point wiring, featuring a readymade thick-trace PCB for the choke filtered power supply. This configuration allows the Cyber-10 signature to sound remarkably close to well designed SET amps and with much better dynamic bass performance as well.

As a push-pull 2A3 valve integrated, The Cyber-10 Signature can't deliver a lot of raw power, but it makes up for this in myriad ways. With suitable speakers, the Cyber-10 Signature is a gutsy integrated amplifier with huge dynamics. It sounds muscular, detailed, and smooth.  The Cyber-10 Signature handled vocals with noteworthy clarity and intelligibility. If you need even more power, Opera Audio offers the Cyber-100S Signature integrated amp, which uses 300B triodes to produce 22Wpc.




Output impedance for speaker: 4 ohms , 8 ohms 
Output power: 11 W x 2 RMS 1kHz 
Frequency response: 6Hz - 60kHz - 3dB (8W) 
Harmonic distortion: <1% (7W, 1KHz)
S/N ratio: 87dB 
Input sensitivity:  180mV 
Input Interfaces: 5 set (RCA)1,2,3,4,5
Output Interfaces: 1 groups (RCA)
Power consumption: 80W
Vacuum tubes: 2A3 x4, 6SN7 x 2 , 12AX7 x2
Dimension: 430 (L) x 340 (W) x 200(H) mm
Weight: 25kg


The Cyber 10 Signature has quite astonishing power and authority for a relatively small integrated amplifier. It has few compromises and will play all sorts of music at surprising volumes, astonishingly well. But for people who wish even more power, then the Cyber 100, 15th Anniversary model is perfect. It has surprising power for its relatively modest output, but not quite the stunning musacality of the Cyber 10 Signature. If you listen to all sorts of music, including rock, fairly loud, the Cyber 100, 15th Anniversary is the perfect compromise. If you are a fan of jazz, orchestral, light classical, folk and vocals, then the Cyber 10 Signature is perfect.
I bought a Cyber 10 Signature to try after the UK Distributors told me that they sell nothing else as it is just outstanding.  I am a HUGE fan of the Cyber 100, 15th Anniversary model and have sold heaps of them, but this amplifier is something else.  If you want the stunning sonics, but even more so, but with more power, then the Cyber 880i is just perfect.