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Price $280


Very few people buy one of these.  Nearly everybody comes back to get more.  7 is the record, because it made so much difference to their TV and Blu Ray player.



99.99% Pure OFC Copper, WATTaGATE IEC plug 
The Ellabay Power Cord is electrically connected to the ground/shield wire and equipped with a heavy 4-layers-fabric tinned copper shield. This heavy gauge handcrafted power cord could keep EMI & RFI away from the power lines or other digital components.

- 2 x 11AWG Power wire
-11 AWG Ground
- Pure copper-plated heavy IEC plug
- Heavy tinned copper shield (4 layers)

The most inside layer is made of aluminum foil and then the 75% tinned copper shield, while the 93% tinned copper shield is located at the most outside. Between the 2 layers of tinned copper shield, there is a PVC insulation located.


Power Cable 
Length:1.8M to 3.3M (Only 1.8m stocked. Longer lengths to order)

I was using an US made power leads which were US$850 each and the Ella Baby was clearly superior. Soundstage, transparency and inner detail and the background silence across the soundstage was markedly improved.

Please Note:
The Ella Baby only comes with an Australian  Power Plug. A US Plug version is also available.  These are not phase inverting like normal US plugs.   A PW-1 or PW-3 universal power board is recommended. Combined with these, the  performance is phenomenal.

Typical Customer Feedback. (We have never had one returned on our 30 day unconditional return policy)


Chris Heycox   


Dear Mr Osborn

You are verily a saint and a bastard. I am unsure of which order. 
Do you perchance have 3 more of the bloody Baby Ella things and another PW-1 ? 
I tried out your last shipment. It was like someone had blown a hole in my back wall the way the soundstage enlarged. And that was straight out of the box ! 30 plus hours on and the inner detail and overall smoothness are truly extraordinary- the improvement in the bass we will not talk about for fear of incontinence or some unseemly tumescence. 
Just by comparison the top of the line Cardas Golden Reference Power cable I bought the week before has now been moved on to my second system. It simply is not in the same class.

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