When the second richest man in the world asked his advisor to travel the world to find the world's best sounding speakers, no matter where and no matter what cost, he came to Melbourne and chose Osborn.

Grand Monument Reference Elite

Designed without compromise to achieve perfect sound quality. Now fitted with "The best of the best midrange and all new Bass Drivers.

Direct: $24,900 |Gloss finish adds $1,500

The Monument is a monster speaker standing 1.62 meters high and weighing 175kg each.  It projects a stunning life sized 3 dimensional sound stage with realistic dynamics, scale and authority.  They put you in the best seats in the house for every performance.  Rated by International Audio Review in the USA as "Unsurpassed by any other speaker, at any price, and the first speaker ever to gain an A1+ rating."

Epitome Tower

A stunningly realistic performance and a huge sound that will play anything from violent to delicate and subtle. Now fitted with "The best of the best mid range.

Direct: $9,070 AUD for Epitome Tower. $12,800 for Epitome Tower Reference. Gloss finish adds $1,000

A stunning speaker in every way.  A huge 3 dimensional sound with pin point imaging.  It is never stressed by anything demanded by it.  Our top selling speaker, which has many times easily outperformed other speakers at 5 - 10 times the price.  They are effectively the Epitome an Epitome Bass Units built into the same cabinetry, where all drivers image from a point source for breathtaking imagery.  Flat to 20 Hz.

The Epitome Tower is an exceptional speaker, but over 90% of sales are Reference models.

Epitome and optional Bass Units. (Can be added at any time)

Reviewed by International Audio Review (USA) as "Virtually the mythically perfect speakers" (With optional Bass Units)

Epitome $6,045. With Bass Units $8,875: Reference Epitome $9,245. With Reference Bass Units $12,800. Gloss finish adds $250

The performance of the Epitomes by themselves is extremely impressive, but paired with the optional Epitome Bass Units, the transformation is extraordinary.  The soundstage extends out through the walls and depth increases, separation and ambience increases and detail improves.  That is why they were the run away winner of Bound For Sound magazine's (USA) 2 year search of the World for the best possible speaker, and was the only speaker they ever bought to keep as a reference to judge all other speakers reviewed.

Eclipse Tower

Most of the stunning performance of the Epitome Tower, Now fitted with "The best of the best mid range."

$7,385: Reference Eclipse Towers $9,505. Gloss finish adds $850

Similar sound to Epitome Towers, but lesser scale and authority.  Flat to 35Hz with a huge sound, but a more suitable size for many decors and surroundings.  Perfect for all types of music and volumes.


Huge sound and stunning musicality. The perfect size and performance for most decors.

$4,970: Reference Eclipse $7,340. Now fitted with "The best of the best mid range."

Same family of sound as the larger speakers. 3rd row seat at the Concert performance, with stunning soundstage and detail.  That is why it was chosen as the Reference Speaker for "Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity" (World's largest on line Hi Fi magazine) from the 1500 display rooms at the CES in Las Vegas and later rated as the best Tower Speaker they had ever tested.  Several people have upgraded to the Eclipse from $50 -$100,000 speakers.


Stunning performance from a popular and practical sized speaker.


Our entry level "Audiophile Series" Floorstanding speaker.  Top quality components and design gives them a huge, live sound that stuns first time listeners.  The first thing most people ask is; "Could I hear it without the subwoofer?" where the subwoofer is not on.  A "must be heard to be believed speaker"


Cost effective version of the Interlude. Surprisingly big sound.


Perfect for a mid priced system and exceptional as fronts or rears in a quality Home Theatre System



A quite unbeleivably big sound for a small speaker. Bought by everybody who has auditioned them so far. Highly regarded as a near field recording studio monitor. As of 01/07/2019, the all new Eos Reference Elite.

Eos $1,930: Eos Reference $2,960. Eos Reference Elite $4,690. Gloss finish adds $250

The best quality components in an exceptional enclosure makes for a jaw dropping sound, and it is hard to believe it comes from such a diminutive speaker.  As a customer in Germany who ordered a pair direct asked. "I am sitting in front of what sounds like refrigerator sized speakers.  What on Earth do your refrigerator sized speakers sound like?" (So he ordered Epitome Towers and 2 of his friends ordered more Eos Reference)


Designed without compromise to achieve perfect sound quality


         These speakers are intended for use as either rear speakers in a very high quality Home Theatre application or as extremely high definition speakers in a mini or shelf mounted system where a large, powerful and detailed sound is required at a reasonable cost. The transparency and authority in a shelf mounted system is astonishing for speakers of this size. Available in virtually any finish.

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