Suzanne Portable Music Player

Direct $890.  Dock $170

The "Suzanne" is a Consonance High quality digital music player, which is based on the ARM embedded system. It supports all of present music formats (Except mp4). 
It is optimized for portable long-lasting battery life and better sound.
The digital system Dual-Clock design, results in ultra-lower jitter: It supports DSD direct decoding. The DSD stream signal is directly transmitted to the DAC without 
converting it to PCM. The Suzanne supports gapless playback and displays the album cover whilst the music is playing. The integrated headphone amplifier continues the 
High quality HIFI equipment design, which is optimized to drive high-impedance headphones.
The Suzanne supports touch and gestures operation. 
The external Micro SD memory slot supports up to 128GB( Maximum 2TB). 
Battery running time is up to 6.5 hours playing high resolution music. 

There is an optional customized Dock. The Dock has an RJ-45 network port, a DC 5V charging port, and a USB port for connecting to external storage. The Suzanne coupled 
with the Dock will connect to the local LAN with internet, and will enable the network functions, including DLNA APP remote control and internet radio, and allows the Suzanne 
to easily to connect to Home Theater and Hi-Fi audio systems also.

Greg Osborn Comments.

I have been stunned by the Suzanne.  When I plugged it into my exceptional stereo system, I thought I was playing the Flagship Streamer by mistake.  It took careful listening to tell them apart.  Since then I have had 3 people bring similar units here for comparison.  The first was a Sony worth $1,200.  The differences were stunning.  The next person to produce one had me concerned, but he assured me he had paid $6,500.  It was better than the Sony, but not even close to the Suzanne.  The 3rd had a Astell & Kern - AK320 which sells for $1,799.  The difference was appalling.  He went and sold it for $1,200 and bought the Suzanne. 



 Full Music Format Ready for DSD 2.8M/5.6M.
 Support DFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE lossless formats.

 Large TF card up to 128GB

 Outputdigital output: 3.5mm SPDIF 
 analog output: 3.5mm headphone

 Sampling rate PCM up to 32bit/384kHz, DSD up to DSD128(1bit/5.6M)

 Display 2.4 inch TFT

 Distortion <0.003%

 S/N >110dB

 Dimensions 23.5* 81* 126mm (D*W*H)

 Weight 310g

 This is the feedback from the first person to buy one.

Hi Greg,

The Suzanne has exceeded my expectations by a country mile, the sound quality is excellent using just my headphones, I expect when I get a lead and hook it up to the main system I am in for some more wonderful surprises.

The sound is sweet with no hint of harshness, dynamics are great, gorgeous top end and midrange bass really plumbs the depths, it's powerful and controlled, after listening for around fifty hours or so I it has behaved perfectly and made no mistakes, not even close.

When using headphones I have always felt there is a hole, I can't remember being happy with sound staging ever and forget about real imaging, something's always missing, I can report all these problems disappear using the Suzanne, the soundstage is massive there's things going on in the extreme peripheries that I have never ever heard before, you are aware of my audio systems components so I think you would agree it has the ability to drag as much information from whatever the source with good sonic results, the Suzanne is giving me scary information that has been eluding me for years, the placement of voices and instruments are now floating in their own private space and seem to be a little entity doing its own thing independently, (John Williamson's 'Cracker night') is a good example. Detail is also excellent, I never realised David Bowie over dubbed his voice on so many of his songs (Space Oddity) for one, I can now distinctly hear two voices on a lot of his work with "Susie", there's information on the end of notes that are new on music I've been into and have known every single nuance intimately for forty years and more.

Try listening to The Beatles "Come Together" at the very start you hear John Lennon doing a little sound effect "SHHHH" this is not what he's doing, he's actually saying two words, I'm not going to tell you what they are cause' I want you to see if you can crack it, if you can and let me know, if you can't (and it wouldn't be surprising) I'll tell you what it is he's saying, point being even using good gear this has never been "audible" to me and I'd love you to see if you can pick it up using the "up-market" players on your gear, I listened to a Cliff Richard single from 1963, recordings actually did have space and air in those days, it's really amazing and a shock to hear all this stuff. 

Gain is no problem either, I'm using 25 ohm impedance cans and rarely get past 50% with clarity and great dynamics, I have checked out all it's different codecs and even @192kbs it produced high quality results 'Ninten Sawhney" unbelievable bass @192. The Suzanne plays any audio file you give it. 

It's build quality is up to Operas usual and expected high standard, the case looks like it's been machined out of a single billet of aluminium there's no joins I can find, it is a bit heavy compared to smart phones and other players but the weight is obviously all the good bits crammed in there, to me the weight is not an issue, the case is leather, is well made and robust. I found the operating system to be a bit clunky at first but after using for a while it's logical and simple to operate. By the way, it comes in a substantial aluminium case similar to a camera case lined with high density foam cut outs to hold all the bits during transit. 

Could I suggest you make customers aware that it is (in my opinion) essential to do the firmware upgrade ASAP, it is a nice and needed upgrade making it a tad more friendly, and if I'm not dreaming believe a slight improvement in Sonics. If I had any concerns it's playing time, I only get about two and a half hours from a charge time of four, I am hoping the battery will get better after a few more charges and improve playtime.

The DIGITAL signal outputs from a 3.5 mini jack to RCA, this is not the most common array, in fact none of the main cable sellers in Australia are even aware of its existence and think it's Toslink, Opera do have them in stock, another suggestion would be, for every Suzanne you order get a lead to go with it, most (probably all) of your customers will want to hook up to their main audio system and it's a real pain trying to source here.

My opinion of the Opera Suzanne, it's a top quality, top end audio player that is gonna' go off like a bomb when people become aware of it (at the moment no-one knows) you get the very best cleanest audio, it would compete favorably with other equipment/players no matter who made it and how much it cost. 

This thing kicks arse big time. Again keep in mind I experienced all the above using fairly good quality cans that would be so limited compared to my Audio system , I can't wait to get it hooked up. I predict a limited life for audio disks after this experience. 
Regards, Phill

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