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Several of the most respected reviewers in the USA, and thousands of happy customers agree. Osborn Loudspeakers makes 40 models, from small to large.  We don't advertise but have sold more than 3,500 pairs of speakers in 16 countries, all by word of mouth. These speakers speak for themselves. Make up your own mind. Book in a free, no-obligation demo in Melbourne (Taylors Lakes) on weekdays, weekends or after hours by calling 03 9390 1564 or emailing. I am happy to pick up interstate visitors at the airport. Any purchases can be returned unconditionally within 30 days for a full refund, but in 30 years, this has never happened.

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Osborn Loudspeakers

Range of 37 speakers, plus interconnects and speaker cables

When the second-richest man in the world asked his adviser to find the best-sounding speakers, no matter where and no matter what cost, to replace a $200,000 system, he came to Melbourne and chose Osborn.


Such an extraordinary brand, I have sold more than 2,800 Consonance products

3 integrated valve amplifiers
3 preamplifiers
5 solid state amplifiers

4 stereo & monoblock valve amplifiers

3 DACs, streamers & music centres

1 portable hi fi music player

2 CD players

5 turntables

1 record cleaning machine

3 phono stages

3 power conditioners, power boards and power lead

AM - Audio Music

3 brilliant amplifiers, 4 preamps, an extraordinary DAC and the ultimate power lead

AM Products are quite extraordinary and have humiliated highly-regarded equipment at 15 times their cost. We seriously doubt that there are better amplifiers available at any price.  Want to hear what musicality sounds like?

Vermeer Audio

Based on the extraordinary designs of Audio Aero. One of the world's very best DAC/music centers.




Osborn speakers are good at all volumes. I think this is where Greg's speakers are so strong. The cabinets are immensely well made, high-quality drivers and attention to detail in the cross overs. Other manufacturers talk about these things. Greg actually does it. No rocket science, just a genuinely well-made product.

I think Osborns are terrific speakers for the money. Have owned (still do) Grand Monument References and Epitomes. I reckon Greg is one of the most underrated speaker makers on the planet. I recommend you go and have a listen. You won't be disappointed. They'll blow your socks off.


Desperate to hear Greg's speakers, I booked a cheap flight to Melbourne. Greg lives close to the airport. He picked me up and dropped me back there after the demo. His wife even made me lunch. Needless to say, I was impressed with the speakers and put down a deposit, and can't wait for them to arrive in Sydney.



It's my pleasure to provide my feedback on your speakers for your website. The ‘holy grail’ of music for the purist will always remain the live musical performance. Many speaker designers come from an electrical engineering background and design their products to maximise the performance of the technology involved, studying test graphs and diagrams to plot the performance of their speakers. Greg Osborn, although aware of all this, does not come from this background, but pursues his design work because of an abiding passion in music and in having this reproduced as close to an original performance as is possible. One needs to look through the beauty of design and the complexity of the electronics involved to always seek the humanity and passion at the heart of every musical performance.


Greg’s high point in his speaker range is the Grand Monument tower speakers, large, heavy, beautiful and very impressive in any setting. Having now owned many pairs of Greg’s speakers including a pair of Monuments, these truly are the epitome of brilliant design and performance. Visitors to my music room are shocked by the depth and breadth of the sound they are hearing, even on their own CDs that they may have owned for years. I always explain that most reproduction systems and speakers do not accurately reproduce the recorded sound available to them. But the Monuments transform every recording into a living musical performance.  Being allowed to access this quality of sound transposes your listening space into a performance space filled with all the original musicians who created the sounds that you are listening to. You feel the acoustic bass and the drums through the floor, you hear the cymbals high above you and the vocalist is right in front, performing just for you. 


These speakers have been reviewed as among the best in the world, but they are more than that, they are the music, because they become the performance. 

Mark J Weichard  (Artist/Designer)


You're welcome to book a free, no-obligation demo at my home-showroom in Taylors Lakes any time of the day or evening. Just call or email to arrange a time.


03 9390 1564 | 0418 382 403
17 Hammersley Court
Taylors Lakes 3038

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