AM are in the process of releasing new models of the below 3 models.  My understanding is that the designs are mainly cosmetic, but the 833M is radically different to the current range, and personally I prefer the appearance now and do not really like what I have seen so far, but it appears that they are changing so that the range no longer resembles other brand which cost astronomically more, but have proven to be not as sonically stunning as the AM.  Regardless of my personal preferences, I need to be able to demonstrate what I can provide so reluctantly I am offering my demo stock for sale at prices not seen anywhere before.  Since my normal pricing is a fraction of the world price I will list the recommended retail and cost elsewhere and the price of these units.

Apparently there are some changes in the components and power supplies.  Naturally I have not heard them. 

It is very likely that no other amplifiers outperform the AM models.  Customers have given me feedback of just how much better they found their AM's over famous amplifiers costing 10 times as much.  My comparisons with equipment rated as the best in the world by The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, Enjoy the Music.com, Audio and Soundstage revealed a gulf between them and the AM.  Both in power amplifiers and pre amps.  My last comparison resulting in an easy sale of an RT-3 pre and a pair of 833S was against a very well known brand's $150,000 monoblocs and the difference was astonishing.  The customer first compared his amps against the AM 833M and his comment was "My God, what are the big ones like?"  Bringing the big ones a couple of days later resulted in them staying.

Since I got all three of these amplifiers just before the lockdown started, they have done very little work.  The 833S have done about 30 hours, as I only listened to them when I felt like an experience, and since I was so busy during the lockdowns, that wasn't often.  I actually sold 6 pairs of Grand Monuments during that time, one with an RT-3 and 833S.  The proud owner told me he just couldn't stop crying when he listed to them.

I do not have pricing on the new models, but have been warned that it will increase.

This is a once off, very unlikely to be ever repeated special offer on these incredible products.  One pair only of each model. 

#1: AM 833S (Silver)


This is an ultimate, nothing spared or sacrificed design. Standing nearly 50cm high and weighing 75.4kG each. The construction quality is incredible. The sound quality sets a new standard. Using the amazing 833 valve in Pure Class A, Single Ended configuration, they put out an impressive 130 w/Ch.
This is easily the best amplifier I have ever heard.

All pure square section, 24 ct gold plated wiring used in all the signal path and umbilical.  Only run about 20 hours max, with playing time about half that. Perspex tube protectors never unpacked and protective plastic still on transformers.  New two year warranty applies.

World price is $55,800 per pair. 

This pair only is  $19,900 

Now Sold.

#2: AM 833M (Silver)


This is a smaller, more manageable version of the absolutely stunning 4 box 833S, but with less massive power supply in a very little spared or sacrificed design. Standing a more easily placed 28cm high and weighing 50kg each. The construction quality is incredible. The sound quality sets a towering new standard in this or in any price level. Using the amazing 833 valve in Pure Class A, single ended configuration, they put out an impressive 120 w/Ch. of the most articulate, authoritative and musical sound imaginable, with a stunningly quiet background.

Only run about 10 hours max, with playing time about half that.  New two year warranty applies.

World price is $34,200 per pair. 

This pair only is  $13,950 

Fang, who is now Audio Music, has been steadily working away for over twenty years in his search for audio perfection. He teamed up with a Salesman partner to form Stereo Knight and designed one of the finest pre amps ever made in the very substantial Magnetic Enigma, and then the 45kG monster, the Magnetic Enigma Silver, which was the best pre amp that I had ever heard. He also made the quite astonishing Stereo Knight M100 Monoblocks using KT120s running in Pure Class A in a fully Balanced design. These became one of my best sellers and had a perfect record in that everyone who did a home demonstration of them kept them. But Fang believed that there were too many compromises in anything other than a perfectly executed 
Pure Class A Single Ended design. He was close to perfecting this when Stereo Knight came to an end, due to the pressures of the GFC and partnership problems.
However, the development went on, and so Fang decided there is no partner like no partner at all and so founded AM Music, releasing the 803SE Monoblock Amplifiers and the quite awesome R-S Transformer Pre Amp, which had been released for a short time as a Stereo Knight, and had a quite extraordinary sound. He also rereleased an upgraded version of the Magnetic Enigma. 
This is a minimalist in operation, but no effort spared, quite over the top, nothing to degrade the audio, everything he had learned Preamp, the RT-1. He needed this to drive his Crowning Glory. 
The Nothing spared, whatever it takes to achieve the absolute in music reproduction. The AM 833S Monoblocks. Standing nearly half a meter high and weighing a svelte 75.4kG each. 
The construction and execution of the design is extraordinary. There is not a sign of a shortcut anywhere. The amazing looking 833 tube runs in Pure Class A Single Ended,using a KT88 (Now upgraded to the much better  KT150) as a driver, for a very impressive 120 w/ch.

Despite the towering performance of the 833S, this all conquering Flagship Model, there was a definite need for a model in between the 833S and the 805M. So he set to work to make a single chassis 
version of the 833S because the only drawbacks to this amplifier was that although a screaming bargain compared to its extraordinarily expensive competition, it was still relatively expensive 
(especially in any other market where the price is double here), it was large, and very heavy.
The result of this is the quite extraordinary 833M. The power supply is still quite mammoth, but a lot smaller than the "Over the top" 833S. The Chassis width is 60mm wider to accommodate the 
substantial power supply and the overall amplifier is 24kg lighter. The amplifier design between the two is mainly the same. 
The performance between the two is surprisingly similar. They share the same awesome tonality, huge soundstage, dead silent background and incredible ambience. The bass control is exceptional, 
but the 833S has that little bit more and even better bass control and performance. But compare them to any other amp. The other amps become boring and unlistenable. 



* The AM 833M is an absolute state-of-the-art, no compromise design to celebrate AM's 12th Anniversary.

* Both the amplifier and the power supply sections are isolated to reduce magnetic field interference from the two massive double C HIB power transformers, thus ensuring that only pure power is supplied to the amplifier.

* The signal circuit is direct coupled and transformer coupled, eliminating capacitors from the signal path to avoid any compression of the dynamic range.

* The multiple independent power supplies use an effective ?-shaped filter circuit for exceptional noise isolation.

* All the tube heaters use silicone-diode rectification. The -shaped filter coke transformers are DC coupled to a large volume condenser to minimize hum.

* Both the drive and output transformers both use a very complicated winding technique and are constructed of special magnetic materials so that a bandwidth of 10Hz- 120KHz. is achieved.

* The 833 tube sockets are machined from Teflon, and use gold plated phosphor bronze round pins for an exceptional contact and improved sound quality.

* The internal wiring is either silver or a special customized rectangular OCC copper wire which was carefully chosen over a long period by extensive listening.

* The chassis is constructed of a very thick aluminum alloy, precisely machined by precision CNC machinery to ensure it is very strong, stable and reliable.

* It is this attention to detail and lack of compromises that result in an exceptionally musical and stunningly clear sound reproduction.


Data specifications:


 Power Tube: 833

 Tube complement: ECC88 as the drivers, KT150.  As the amplifiers . 833

 Frequency response: 20Hz-100KHz

 Input Impedance: 100k ohms

 Input Impedance: 100k ohms. 1.0Vrms

 S / N: > 95dB

 RCA single-ended ; balanced / XLR

 Power Output: 120w

 Load impedance: 4 & 8 ohms

 Power consumption: 400W(each)

 Power supply: 100,110,120,220,230,240 VAC 50-60Hz

 Dimensions: (W * D * H) 400 X 500 X 284 (mm)

 Weight: 50kg X 2

#3: AM 805M (Silver)

#3: AM 805M (Silver)


The AM 805M is a Single ended design using a very high quality 805 output tube for 50 watts per channel. They are very well made and weigh 28Kg each. They have a very natural, musical sound, with an astonishing bass extension and power for a SE design.
The sonics of these amplifiers really needs to be seen to be believed and comparing them to other amplifiers, even at several times the price is embarrassing.

Only run about 7 hours max, with playing time about half that.  New two year warranty applies.

World price is $16,200 per pair. 

This pair only is  $8,250 

The Silver version uses a square section pure silver, 24 carrot gold wiring in all crucial signal paths and in the umbilical cord from the power supply. 

The AM 805SE is a Single ended design using a very high quality 805 output tube for 40 watts per channel. They are very well made and weigh 28Kg each. 
They have a very big and powerful sound with surprising bass authority and scale. As would be expected from such a design, the soundstage, separation and 
inner detail are exceptional and are superior to any of the Consonance amps and this is very high praise indeed, as there is very little that is. They are also clearly better than our previous "Best Ever" which was over $30,000 and rated in Stereophile, The Absolute Sound and sever other major publications as the "World's Best)

AM believe that the personality of the music in the performance is the most important part of the reproduction.
What is the pursuit of the true musical atmosphere in the original performance? We believe that to preserve the music's personality is the most important goal. During many years of research, we found that the new digital technologies cannot meet its demands, so we went back to most basic analogue circuits, not only to achieve a better frequency response or to reduce distortion to an absolute minimum. Modern test data shows just the basics, and can only be taken as reference. The positioning of each sound is more important. We wanted to preserve the soundstage depth, height and width all at the same time, and also preserve the music's emotion and expression. These are hard to obtain from tests. Many Manufacturers believe that if it measures well, it will sound good. This is frequently not true. It needs many long hours of trial and error to find, and preserve the true atmosphere of the music.
It takes a great deal of basic research to achieve a properly designed circuit. The design of the power supply is fairly traditional, as the structure of a single-ended, directly heated triode is simple; there is no push-pull circuit crossover distortion, only a sound with a mellow and transparent timbre. It is a very popular with the true music lover.
The size of the transformer must be sufficiently large to supply sufficient power. The transformer that we use is a HIB Double C Core, that has been perfected after many years of research and development.
We abandoned all semiconductor components, so start with a purely analogue design. We also believe that the amplifier should be direct coupled to the power supply, without using any coupling capacitors. 
In order to pursue the maximum musical dynamic range, by the simplest circuit, the power supply adopts a traditional p type filters and chokes. The power transformer, output transformer and drive transformer all use HIB Double C Core, except the chokes which use EI.
It is this careful research and development and long hours of listening, to select the best possible circuit and component that results in the sound that you hear from any AM product. 

Feature summary of the AM-805M

* This is a high-efficiency 805 Class A single-ended amplifier
* The Power transformer .Output transformer and Drive transformer are based on a double C Hib Core design. 
* Direct coupled designs , to achieve a maximum dynamic range, and musicality.
* Special double chokes transformer for B power circuit to reduce hum.
* The S/N ratio is improved by DC coupling, eliminating capacitors from the signal circuit. A true sound can be achieved by       a combination of direct and coupled transformers.
* The chassis features a 12mm aluminium top plate for aesthetics, and a thick, massive foundation for attaching components     to optimise the sound reproduction. 

Size: 44cm long, 27 wide and 29 high.
Weight: 28Kg each.

#4: Consonance Die Walküre Turntable 
with Sumiko Pearl High Output MM Cartridge

A quite exceptional turntable in as new condition.  Bought by a terminally ill customer to enrich the time he lad left .  Fitted with the exceptional Consonance T8 arm, this turntable has easily outperformed his $22,000 turntable.  I carefully chose the Sumiko for its exceptional performance at a reasonable price.

Usually $3,990 with arm but without carriage,   This one $3,200 with carriage