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 Osborn Grand Monument.

Designed without compromise to achieve perfect sound quality

​The Monument is a monster speaker standing 1.62 metres high and weighing 175kg each.  It projects a stunning, life-sized, 3-dimensional sound stage with realistic dynamics, scale and authority.  It puts you in the best seat in the house for every performance.  Rated by International Audio Review in the USA as 'unsurpassed by any other speaker, at any price, and the first speaker ever to gain an A1+ rating.'

Everyone hearing them say that they have never heard anything like it.  A common quote is that, not only are they the best they have heard, but they exceed by a huge margin what they considered possible.  Chosen over other speakers at 20 times the price.  One pair only due to narrow margins and the need to move them away from the coming renovations.  Only availabe until renovations start. (Shinier than photo as photographed in a photo booth)

The Grand Monuments will never be offered as a Special again after this. 

Normal price. Grand Monument - $28,490 Per pair.

One pair only from my present stock:

Gloss Bubinga. (As shown)

Gloss Redgum.
Gloss Spotted Gum.



#2: Osborn Eclipse Elite. (Gloss Santos Pallissander)


This is a very rare special.  I have two pairs due to mistake in the order. I am happy to have them as stock, but I have other stock and we will soon be starting major renovations and I have a lot of stuff that will be in the way.  The Eclipse Elite is one of the finest speakers available at any price and the audition/buy ratio is pretty well 100%, and they have humbled speakers in the $90,000 range. (Very difficult to photograpg due to mirror like finish)

Normal price. Eclipse  Elite - $9,950  Per pair.

Plus extra for the Piano Finish $600, or $10,550.

Plus extra for Santos Pallisander veneer and timber - 600 for $11,150

This pair only.



I would like to say first, that anyone who would like to hear any Osborn speaker is welcome any time. My Flagship "Forever System" that I have for when I retire is an experience worth experiencing. There is no obligation, you don't have to buy anything or even have to be looking. I work by word of mouth, and I am happy for people to experience what I do and pass it on at suitable occasions. Cring friends or just come alone, but please book by phone, message or email. I am not always here, and things need to warm up. My Forever System weighs half a tonne and people say it is way passed what they thought possible. Treat yourself.


Many people have been checking with me lately as to whether I was going to retire soon, as they are worried about missing out when they are finally ready to buy something. Sadly, life often interferes with one’s leisure desires. Especially at times like this, when there is a fiscal shortage and uncertainty. People are not spending on non-essential things, like holidays, overseas travel, new cars and Hi Fi equipment. I did seriously consider giving it away, as I am nearly 73 and I found out that once again I was running at a loss despite mid six figure turnover. The problem with working with just over break even prices, is that the continual industry price rises quickly catch out the unwary, and the desire to work to 2 o’clock in the morning for a loss or very little does wane. Not having to pay tax seems appealing, but it has its downsides. However, even after doing this for so long, it is still enthralling to see the open-mouthed amazement of most people who come for a listen. To get so many comments and excited feed back from customers, new and old. I still get regular calls and emails from people who bought 10 to over 20 years ago, to say how pleased they are, and having them got them through very dark times. The bloke in his mid 70s who drove up to the last Sydney Show I did from Wollongong, just to come in and see me to tell me that he fell in love with some Epitomes and Bass Units at the Show 25 years agoand how he had some really terrible things happen to him since, and he did not think he would have coped, if he had not had his speakers to ease away the pain and desperation. He had seen I was at the show, and he just had to drive up to personally thank me, left me quite emotional. I recently had people from the UK, Holland, the US. Canada and Germany email or rang to say how thrilled they still were. This is very moving and satisfying to me, running a one man business from home and never really advertising, except by doing shows. Otherwise, it has all been by word of mouth.

So many people tell me they heard them years ago and it never left them. Finally, they are ready to get them. I still run at very close to 100% audition/buy ratio and there has been about 2 people since before Covid that have auditioned, were blown away, but have yet to order anything. The same sort of thing happened to me in 2015 when I was fortunate to get a ride in the first Tesla S with Ludicrous mode, the day before it was launched in Australia. When I got in, with two burley blokes got in the back. I was distressed to see the battery on the big centre display with one line of green pixels and underneath, “Estimated range 30K.” Dammit, I thought, it’s nearly flat, it’s not going to do anything. The bloke backed out on the road and said to brace ourselves and keep our heads against the headrest. Hardly necessary I thought, holding my head 5cm off said headrest. HOLY HELL, I ricked my neck, and we were doing 100K before we reached the next block. I had just gone for a ride in a Porshe Carrera GT Turbo and a W12 Bentley Continental GT a short time before, and I thought they were impressive. Driving around the big block coming around some sweeping bends, it was like being fired out of a slingshot. All in silence, except for the grunts and gasps with some blaspheming. I just knew, I really really wanted one.

Many people tell me that they would love to have speakers, but can’t justify the price, and that my wife says I don’t need them! My experience is that people would have miserable lives if they only bought sensibly, and what was justifiable, you just wouldn’t have any good stuff. The great things in life are the things you really want. Great houses, cars, boats, holidays and jewelry. Few are sensible. Life can be good. Music soothes the savage beast. And music of a quality that excites and enthralls you, more so.

Anyway, I have digressed. At the moment, I cannot see any reason why I should retire within the next couple of years, but if something happens to change that, I will give six months’ warning if at all possible. If I lost my cabinet maker, who rather relies on me, as I do him, that could force the issue. Whilst Covid was rearing its ugly head, his business suffered and I gave them orders for more stock than I usually carry. We are planning major renovations and the plans have disappeared into the bowels of the Council. Gutting the house will hopefully start about November, when we will have to move into rental accommodation for up to 6 months. I honestly don’t know how that will affect auditions or construction. There is also the problem of where to store my stock, so I have decided to have a one-off Renovation Sale on all my present stock. I just don’t have sales because my overall mark up is only about 10%. I am prepared to offer a 15% off anything I have in stock, up until I have to start moving everything out. This does not apply to anything ordered that is not in stock. This deal will never be repeated. My prices are about half world prices or less for Electronics, and about 1/5th the price for comparable speakers, if you could ever find any.

PRESENT STOCK. Prices on website. Less 15% Speaker Section.

(Note -Gloss finish is at cost extra to marked prices, except on Grand Monuments and Titans where it is included.

GRAND MONUMENTS – 3 pairs. One in Gloss Bubinga. One in Gloss Redgum, one in Gloss Spotted Gum.

EPITOME TOWERS ELITE – 3 pairs. One in Gloss Bubinga, One in Gloss Redgum, One in Gloss Tasmanian Blackwood.

ECLIPSE TOWERS ELITE – One pair in Gloss Bubinga.

EPITOME ELITE- One pair in Satin Jarrah.

EPITOME - One pair in Satin Jarrah. (sold)

ECLIPSE ELITE - Two pairs in Gloss Santos Pallisander.

ECLIPSE – One pair in Satin American Walnut.

INTERLUDE- Four pairs in satin Jarrah. (1 sold)

TITANS – Gloss Bubinga, Gloss Redgum, Gloss Tasmanian Oak (Sold), Satin Tasmanian Oak, Satin Tasmanian Blackwood, Gloss Tasmanian Blackwood.

EOS ELITE – Satin Jarrah, Gloss Bubinga,

EOS REFERENCE – Satin Jarrah.

EOS – Satin Jarrah.

T12 – Satin Jarra.(Sold)

C3 Centre – Satin Bubinga

E2 – Satin white.

F1 – In roof speakers. Satin white.

One Consonance Cyber 880i. Used as standby demo amplifier. New warranty. KT150. Usually $4,980 – Sale $4,000.

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