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 Osborn Grand Monument.

Designed without compromise to achieve perfect sound quality

​The Monument is a monster speaker standing 1.62 metres high and weighing 175kg each.  It projects a stunning, life-sized, 3-dimensional sound stage with realistic dynamics, scale and authority.  It puts you in the best seat in the house for every performance.  Rated by International Audio Review in the USA as 'unsurpassed by any other speaker, at any price, and the first speaker ever to gain an A1+ rating.'

Everyone hearing them say that they have never heard anything like it.  A common quote is that, not only are they the best they have heard, but they exceed by a huge margin what they considered possible.  Chosen over other speakers at 20 times the price.  One pair only due to narrow margins and the need to move them away from the coming renovations.  Only availabe until renovations start. (Shinier than photo as photographed in a photo booth)

The Grand Monuments will never be offered as a Special again after this. 

Normal price. Grand Monument - $28,490 Per pair.

One pair only from my present stock:

Gloss Bubinga. (As shown)

Gloss Redgum.
Gloss Spotted Gum.



#2: Osborn Eclipse Elite. (Gloss Santos Pallissander)


This is a very rare special.  I have two pairs due to mistake in the order. I am happy to have them as stock, but I have other stock and we will soon be starting major renovations and I have a lot of stuff that will be in the way.  The Eclipse Elite is one of the finest speakers available at any price and the audition/buy ratio is pretty well 100%, and they have humbled speakers in the $90,000 range. (Very difficult to photograpg due to mirror like finish)

Normal price. Eclipse  Elite - $9,950  Per pair.

Plus extra for the Piano Finish $600, or $10,550.

Plus extra for Santos Pallisander veneer and timber - 600 for $11,150

This pair only.


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