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The Consonance philosophy is "Simple" and "Human". 

Simple and refined, highly detailed design is placed on the inside and its simplicity is on the outside. Human, because their goal is to reproduce music in the most natural and enjoyable manner to the human ear. It is not a technological-quest or a hobby for its own sake but rather an appreciation of sound and music for all who are discerning and in pursuit of finer things. 

Product List 330x227px (25).png

Integrated Valve Amplifiers

Range of 4


Pre Amplifiers

Range of 2


Solid State Amplifiers

Range of 2

Product List 330x227px (77).png

Stereo and Mono Block valve amplifiers. 

Range of 2


DACS Streamers and Music Centres  

Range of 5

Product List 330x227px (20).png

CD Players

Product List 330x227px (47).png


Range of 3

Product List 330x227px (28).png

Phono Stages

Range of 5

Product List 330x227px (50).png

Line Conditioners, Power Boards and Power Cables.

All will make a surprising difference to your system.

D Linear 15: A complete power conditioner with surge, lightning and over voltage protection.

PW-1:  4 socket power board/conditioner.

PW-3:  6 socket high quality shielded power board.  

All will take any power plug from around the World.

Ella Baby shielded power lead with either AUS or US plugs..

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