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All stocked products have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  We pay the freight back
(Applies anywhere in Australia.)

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Cyber 800 Mk 2

Stunningly powerful and musical 100 W/ch Mono Amplifiers

Reference quality 100 W/ch.  Mono Amplifiers. Ultralinear. Powerful, dynamic, sweet and detailed.  Over $9000 in Europe and worth twice that. Unbelievable, unbeatable performance.   KT150  tubes.

Perfect match with the Linear-1 Preamplifier.

Product List 330x227px (78).png

Cyber 845S

Lush and musical 28 W/ch Monoblocks. Pure Class A, Single ended for a stunning musical performance.

All new Reference version of the already awesome Cyber 845. Still Pure Class A, Single Ended and 28 w/ch. but improved circuitry, all tube power rectification, and bias meter built into the front.  Stunning with the Linear-1 Preamplifier.

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