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Cyber 880

Stereo Amplifier. 100 W/ch. Power with surprising scale, authority, speed, delicacy and musicality

Direct: $3,280 with KT88 or KT120. $3,650 with KT150 (Highly recommended)

Cyber 880 A

2A3 Valve version of Cyber 880. 35 W/ch.

Direct: $3,280|

2 channel stereo valve amplifier with with easy to use bias adjustment from knob on front, using built in meter.
Perfect match with R50 preamplifier. Surprisingly powerful and superb musicality.

Not as powerful as the Cyber 880, and will not suite very loud Rock or Metal, but for Classical, Jazz and vocal, it is even more subtle, delicate and lushly musical.  For music lovers.

Cyber 800 Mk 2

Stunningly powerful and musical 100 W/ch Mono Amplifiers

Direct: $4,200

Reference quality 100 W/ch.  Mono Amplifiers. Ultralinear. Powerful, dynamic, sweet and detailed.  $9000 in Europe and worth twice that. Unbelievable, unbeatable performance.   KT150  tubes.

Perfect match with the Linear-1 or R1.3 Preamplifier.

Cyber 845S

Lush and musical 28 W/ch Monoblocks. Pure Class A, Single ended for a stunning musical performance.

Direct: $4,490 AUD

All new Reference version of the already awesome Cyber 845. Still Pure Class A, Single Ended and 28 w/ch. but improved circuitry, all tube power rectification, and bias meter built into the front.  Stunning with the Linear-1 Preamplifier.

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