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Vermeer Audio Model 2

Ultra quality preamplifier and DAC - Music Center 


Price: P.O.A                 

When Audio Aero closed their doors suddenly and without warning several years ago, it was rather devastating for me. I have been The Audio Aero agent since 2001 when I saw them in Canada and realised I had never heard a digital source like it. 
The reason they closed was internal politics, not lack of extraordinary products. 
Audio Aero designed the Capitole CD Player to outperform all SACD players, by using standard CDs, and they easily achieved that level of performance. Nothing I had heard in my 14 overseas shows as a seller and 2 as a buyer even came close. 
It was interesting that most rooms at the CES in Las Vegas, who were not selling CD players, were using the Capitole. Several times on walking into other rooms, it was obvious without looking, that a Capitole was being used, even when I had never heard of the other equipment before. There was a constant across most of these rooms. A big relaxed analogue sound, with a huge soundstage and inner detail, and a stunning musicality, which was lacking in most of the other CD players on offer. 
I knew that I had to have one despite the somewhat knee trembling price (to me). My customers were then able to experience this phenomenon for themselves, allowing me to sell about 60 Audio Aero products, despite the cost. Once heard, not forgotten. 
A few years before the end, they released the absolutely stunning La Fontaine and La Source. In Europe, the La Fontaine was the same price as a VW Gulf, and the La Source was about twice that. When I got my first La Fontaine, I was just stunned at how much better it was than anything. I was very concerned about the price of the La Source, as it was the price of a good car. I just could not see how it could be much better than the La Fontaine. But after selling two of them without ever seeing one unboxed, and what a magnificent box it was, I decided I had to bite the bullet and get one. It was some trepidation that we first sat down to listen to it. My doubts and fears were swept away. It was chalk and cheese to the La Fontaine and every other CD player I had ever heard. The amount of information on a CD is just staggering. Most CD players and DACs only allow you to identify the tune.
A year or so ago I was contacted by the head of Vermeer Audio. The designers of the La Source and La Fontaine had managed to buy the rights to Audio Aero after lengthy bickering in the French Courts. (Anything done in the French Courts is lengthy) to tell me that they had been working on the Model 2 for the past two years and it was ready for production. The Power Supply for the 2 and the main board were interchangeable with the La Fontaine boards, so there was an option to upgrade the La Fontaine to a Model 2, with the benefit it would still play CDs and SACDs. So, except for looking a bit different and being falsely branded, it is a Model 2 Vermeer. Because of my long and enthusiastic association with Audio Aero, they wanted me to continue with Vermeer, which I was and am delighted to do. Now I don't have to go without the ultimate front end, and neither does any other discerning music lover in this Country. Greg Osborn. 

Universal Control Center

Complete with stunning design and audiophile sonic performance Model TWO is an extraordinary integrated pre-amplifier / digital analog converter.
Model TWO is a compelling combination of stunning beauty “a la française”, cutting-edge patented technology and exquisite three dimensional sounds.

High Fidelity for the 21st Century
Model TWO forms the hub of a high-performance audio system. It combines a preamplifier,
a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in a single, slim case, cutting down the clutter while improving the convenience & sound quality. You only need an amplifier to drive the loudspeakers with VERMEER AUDIO Universal Control Center. The vacuum tube output stage delivers a rich, musically satisfying experience, while throwing a palpable, three dimensional soundstage. Model TWO preamplifier section features an analogue volume & balance controls.

Extraordinary 32 Bits /384 Khz design
In order to extract the data with the best performance possible , we have optimized our Model TWO with the latest digital technology , as a major evolution of the S.T.A.R.S Module used previously. VERMEER AUDIO exclusive digital signal processing is handled at 32 bit 384 kHz, combined with an ultra low jitter clock design that delivers remarkable resolution. Complete versatility with both digital and analogue signals (inputs & outputs) as well as an asynchronous 24/192 USB ( PCM and DSD audio data) input for easy connection to computers and music servers.

Dedicated Ultra Low Jitter Master Clock.
We combine our exclusive VERMEER AUDIO exclusive digital signal processing with a dedicated ultra low jitter Master clock that incorporates a high grade natural quartz crystal. This resulted in a new level of noise reduction and digital artefact reduction (including Jitter) with less than 1µs of RMS Jitter.

A State of The Art Output Stage
After our exclusive VERMEER AUDIO treatment to the digital signal , we selected the sub-miniature NOS dual triode 6021 directly soldered on the PCB board for perfect contact. We also chose to cryogenically treat the valves and this resulted in extended tube life and accurated sonic performance.

A Totally built in preamplifier
The output stage balance and volume control operate in the analogue domain, as this process is the best way to avoid any loss of resolution . This is achieved by a high quality "ladder" attenuator . With a maximum of 7 V output our Pre amp stage is able to drive any amplifier and is competing with the Top 5 Pre amplifiers of the market. This function can be deactivated from the remote by the owner if he wants to use its own pre amplifier.

Thanks to its analog and digital inputs, the VERMEER AUDIO Model Two Universal Control Center allows you to plug your turntable Phono Stage or your tape recorder through balanced and unbalanced inputs, as well as to your laptop or any digital source through S/PDIF or USB asynchronous inputs up to 24/192 kHz without any loss of information.

LAN Input for domestical network

External Digital Processor
Model TWO is open for an external processor ( DSP, Room Corrector ) by the digital output and a special selection of one of the digital input.

Premium Quality Board
We designed a top quality board with 24K gold platted contacts and 70 ppm cooper circuit that allows for a perfect flow of data.

Power Supply
The VERMEER AUDIO new hybrid power supply has been developed to provide extremely stable power with high linearity to each module of the Universal Control Center . Each module receives his own regulator with specific tension for the application. Both analogue and digital stages have their own dedicated power supplies , this eliminates all residual noise and interference between the digital and analogue domain.

Ultra High Rigid Construction
We choose the best quality . Extremely rigid chassis construction isolates the boards from external and internal vibrations . The main chassis and also the top , front , rear and sides panel are manufactured in high grade anodised Aluminium. The front panel is manufactured in a 50 mm Aluminium lingot , top and sides panel in a 40 mm Aluminium lingot. Thanks to this complete inert housing , small vibrations that could affect the clock precision are totally isolated.

A Masterpiece for your listening room
VERMEER AUDIO model TWO Universal Control Center shall be the selected part of a ultra high quality, no compromised, high end High Fidelity system.

Reviews on Model 2.

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