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When the second richest man in the world asked his advisor to travel the world to find the world's best sounding speakers for his home theatre, no matter where and no matter what cost, he came to Melbourne and chose Osborn.

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Product List 330x227px (5).png


Medium sized, full range, powerful and natural sounding centre speaker. Now fitted with "The best of the best mid range."

Direct: $2,510 AUD  

This is a fairly large, very solid and powerful centre speaker, with a natural, musical big sound. It is effectively a 7" version of the Eclipse, with the same 3 way crossover, same tweeter and a 7" version of the bass driver.  The crossover is massive and uses only exceptional components.  It is our biggest seller by far. It is available in two sizes, one narrower and deeper and one wider and shallower. 



Designed big and without compromise to achieve perfect sound quality. Now fitted with "The best of the best mid range."

Direct: $3,950 AUD  

The C5 is our flagship centre speaker. Many have asked if we could make anything bigger. We could, but there is no point. It is a bigger version of the already exceptional C3 centre speaker, but it is a true 3 way, with the same world class mid range of our top speaker range and two bass drivers operating in parallel, but imaging centrally.




Extraordinarily fast and musical subwoofer using one of the world's finest bass drivers, used in $1,200,000 speakers.

Direct: $4,930 AUD  

This is the bass section from the Osborn Grand Monument Reference, using one of the world's finest bass drivers for a musically articulate and lightning fast performance. It is the same bass driver used on the $1,200,000 Wilson Wamm.  It is the ultimate musical subwoofer.

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Large US made 15" driver and exceptional Redgum amplifier for an awesome performance.

Direct: $2,365 AUD  

Most subwoofers are very inefficient and use huge, low quality amplifiers. They have long throw cones to move a lot of air, and are slow, "woolly" sounding and tend to drone. Few go under 40 Hz, which is why the crossover points of most amplifiers has the lowest setting at 80 Hz. These are NOT sub frequencies, which are below 30 Hz. The T15 is usually set to roll off over 20 Hz for a lightning fast and truly awesome bass performance, which does not bloat and interfere with the rest of the sound. It is a TRUE subwoofer. Several times it has replaced a pair of vastly more expensive big brand subwoofers.



A big sound in a compact enclosure.

Direct: $2,100 AUD   

Excellent as a music sub to extend the bass with quality smaller speakers, as well as home theatre. 

The optional premium Flax driver improves musicality and speed over the already impressive driver normally used. 


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Bi polar home theatre effects speaker.
Direct: $2,080 AUD  
The E1 is effectively two pairs of Osborn F1 speakers in one cabinet firing at 45 degrees to each other for a seamless side fill with pin point imaging along the length of the room. They are painted white and can be colour coded to blend with the side wall colour or are available in wood veneer at extra cost.

Product List 330x227px (12).png


Wall mounted version of the F1 for an exceptional rear speaker system.

Direct: $1,420 AUD  

The E2 is the perfect rear speaker for a high quality Home Theatre System where space is a problem. A stunning spatial holographic sound


Roof Speaker

Stunning Audiophile sound from a ceiling mount speaker.

Direct Price:  $1,590  

Designed for startling clarity and sound quality for a quality Home Theater system, where a ceiling mount of extraordinary quality is requires, or for superb unobtrusive  sound throughout the house.

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