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T12 Subwoofer

Lightning fast, articulate and very impressive and musical subwoofer, ulalising the fabulous Focal 12" driver.  Excellent as a music subwoofer to make small speakers, sound like big ones.


Price:  $2,100 
T12 Reference: $3,300

The cabinets are constructed from heavily braced 32 mm Customwood, which ensures that the output of the rear of the bass driver is totally isolated from the cabinet. Any spurious cabinet vibrations will result in a loss of definition and sonic purity. The drive unit was chosen from the best available from around the world for the best performance and accuracy possible, at a reasonable cost. This unit is now a genuine Focal driver and is an excellent compromise between cost and performance. It is a short throw driver, so has low distortion and fast recovery, so that it does,'t just rumble and flap, like so many other so called subwoofers.

The T12R is fitted with a 300W Redgum amplifier and has the Reference Felt/Lead Sheet/Felt sandwich lining. This gives it an ever tighter, more defined, punchier bass delivery.


SPEAKER DIMENSIONS: 500 X 390 X 440 mm 

WEIGHT: 26 Kg. T12R: 40 Kg

EFFICIENCY:  92 db for 1 watt at 1 meter. 


FREQUENCY RESPONSE:  20 Hz to 125 Hz. Variable  Crossover between 40 and 120 Hz. 



Genuine American Driver.

300mm with a 64mm voice coil and Aluminium cone. Driver weight 11.3kg. 

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