Monumental Subwoofer

Lightning fast, articulate and musical subwoofer, ulalising what is widely considered to be the World's best bass driver


Price:  $4,480                           

       This speaker was designed for those people who wanted to reproduce the extraordinary bass performance and dynamics of Dolby Digital and THX™ DVD's and Dolby Pro Logic Broadcasts and Video's in the most spectacular and realistic way. This is the subwoofer chosen for the Sultan of Brunei, who wanted the ultimate performance without cost being a consideration. The type of performance demanded by the world's second richest man can be yours at a fraction of the cost of most of out overpriced competition.. 
           The cabinets are constructed from heavily braced 32 mm Customwood, which ensures that the output of the rear of the Bass Driver is totally isolated from the cabinet. Any spurious cabinet vibrations will result in a loss of definition and sonic purity.
The drive unit was chosen from the best available from around the world for the best performance and accuracy possible. The Focal driver is considered by many to be the World's finest bass driver. It is a high power handling version of the driver used in the Osborn Monument range and in several other speakers costing between $50,000 and $200,000. 

The Monumental is the ultimate subwoofer for use in the reproduction of music where an integrated and powerful bass performance is required to supplement smaller, high quality satellite speakers. The bass is lightning fast with a quite shocking transient ability. The depth and control of the bass performance is unsurpassed. The Monumental is lightning fast due to the light cone being driven by the same incredible, powerful motor assembly as the 15" bass driver in the $250,000 Focal Grand Utopia. When used in a Home Theater application the control, weight and authority are awe inspiring. This is the finest driver available being driven by a superb quality amplifier in the same bass enclosure as used in the Osborn Monument.



SPEAKER DIMENSIONS: 710 X 450 X 440 mm 

WEIGHT: 55 Kg. 

EFFICIENCY: 92 db for 1 watt at 1 meter.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 Hz to 125 Hz. Usable bass to 15 Hz. Variable Crossover  between 20 and 120 Hz 

IMPEDANCE:  6.5 Ohm 


Bass Driver

320 mm Sandwich Paper Cone, with a special foam filling technology (patented). 75 mm voice coil. Cone weight 115g. Resonant   Frequency 19.1Hz.     Also used in a well known 1.2 million dollar speaker.

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