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Pre Amplifiers

All stocked products have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  We pay the freight back.
(Applies anywhere in Australia.)


Linear - 1 Mk. 11
Designed without compromise to achieve the best possible sound quality. 

All new Flagship pre amplifier. designed to go with the Cyber 800 Mk 11 or the Cyber 845S, or with any other exceptional amplifier needing an exceptionally musical preamp. 


Reference 50

The smaller brother to the previous Consonance Flagship, the Reference
1.1.  Perfect for use with the Cyber 880 or any other amplifier where a  warm, musical and alive performance is cherished. 


A beautifully built and versatile tube preamplifier using a pair of 12AU7 tubes for a stunning sound at this price point. 


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