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Linear 1

Direct Price; 

Remote control - $5,950
No Remote control -  $6,450


Featuring silver wiring, true balance inputs and outputs utilising 2 X 101D triodes with no global negative feedback. Constructed using high quality Swedish manufactured "LUNDAHL" input and output transformers, 6SL7 Rectifier and 2X2A3 valves. Special silicon steel EI type power transformers and choke with large Solen MKP metallized polypropylene filtering capacitor to obtain the widest possible frequency response.

Full remote control, 4X RCA unbalanced inputs,2X RCA unbalanced output,plus balanced XLR in/out.

Two versions available. Both the same price: One version has volume control, using the premium ALPS remote controlled pot. The other version's volume control is a DACT without remote. It comes from Denmark and it is one of the best volume control in the World.


Harmonic Distortion: (for 2V RMS at output): less than 1% 
Frequency Response: (at -1dB) 5Hz -60kHz (Gain=9.5dB),5Hz -40kHz (Gain=15.5dB) 
Input Impedance: 600 ohms 
Signal noise: 
Gain at 1kHz: 9.5dB and 15.5dB 
Consumption: 60watt 
Negative Feedback: None 
Vacuum Tube: 2A3x2,6SL7x1,101Dx2 
Dimensions: 430(L) x 400(W) x 225(H) mm 
Weight: 25kg

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