Solid State Amplifiers

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Reference 150 (Hybrid)

This is a stunning integrated amplifier with the same amplifier section as the A2, but with a single valve preamp for a rich and stunningly musical performance.

Direct: $2,350

The Reference 150 Linear is a cool running, Class A design hybrid amplifier with a single valve preamplifier stage.  Remote volume control.  It is conservatively rated at 120 power output per channel with an even more reliable performance.



These are high-end components that can be used to build a really terrific-sounding system. The Forbidden City components are highly recommended for consideration! Review by

Direct: $4,900

200 W/ch.  40Kg. Able to drive any speaker, but quite stunning sonics.  No compromise design. A powerhouse to compete with (And beat them) the big names in solid state amplification in every area but the price.