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Solid State Amplifiers

****All stocked products have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  We pay the freight back****
(Applies anywhere in Australia.)


AMP150 Integrated stereo amplifier

This is a stunning integrated amplifier with built in Streamer/DAC.

Direct: $3,250

The Model AMP150 is like a "Swiss Army Knife", a high end device that integrates multiple functions. It caters to all modern music sources: streaming from the network, the Internet, or your mobile device. It also connects to music streaming platforms such as Spotify,Tidal, qobuz and Roon.  Bluetooth and inputs for digital and analogue sources. It is equipped with high-quality balanced and unbalanced inputs.



These are high-end components that can be used to build a really terrific-sounding system. The Forbidden City components are highly recommended for consideration! Review by

Direct: $5,500

200 W/ch.  40Kg. Able to drive any speaker, but quite stunning sonics.  No compromise design. A powerhouse to compete with (And beat them) the big names in solid state amplification in every area but the price.

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