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Valve Integrated Amplifiers

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Cyber 880i

Winner of the Prestigious German Plus X award for Design, Innovation and Performance. This amplifier constantly embarrasses amplifiers costing more than 5 times as much. It is our reference demonstration amplifier. With KT150 tubes.


2 channel 100w/ch stereo valve integrated amplifier with with easy to use bias adjustment from knob on front, using built in meter.  All the stunning musicality of the Cyber 100 15th Anniversary, but more so. Bigger more powerful sound, better detail and even more refined but with almost unlimited raw power.

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Cyber 100, 15th Anniversary

Very impressive, special 15th anniversary model, designed to use everything learnt over the first 15 years about integrated amplifier design. Class AB, 35 watt/ch, KT150 tubes.


Surprisingly powerful, with a huge 3 dimensional soundstage, with excellent separation of instruments.  It has a rich and musical presentation unmatched by the competition, but stunning speed and authority as well.  A true all rounder that has the same sonic signature as it's big brother, the 880i, but not quite as refined. 

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Cyber 200

Same exceptionally musical amplifier as the Cyber 100, 15th anniversary model, but also a high quality DAC capable of playing any format used or envisaged.
Direct: $3,880  

Same power and extraordinary musicality as the Cyber 100, 15th Anniversary, but also 3 Digital inputs.  A coaxial and optical input and a USB for high resolution files from a computer of streaming device such as the  X5. (Order only)


M100 plus Integrated

Tube Amplifier A stunning, powerful and musical Amplifier that has been a best seller over the years, now re-introduced, as it is an affordable alternative to the now more expensive models. Ultralinear. EL34 tubes. 40 w/ch. Remote volume.

(Order only)

Direct: $2,780

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