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****All stocked products have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  We pay the freight back****
(Applies anywhere in Australia.)


Die Walküre Turntable

Stunning build and performance (In stock)

Direct: $4,390

Very impressive design that is stunningly musical.  Has convincing beaten well regarded turntables costing 7 times as much.  Will accommodate up to 3 arms.

Product List 330x227px (49).png

The Isolde turntable,

Direct: $2,430 with Trio / Allegro Tonearm (In stock)

Named after a Wagner Opera character, is designed for those customers who like a classical style but but don't like all the set-up work. The Isolde continues with the high quality character of all the other Opera Audio turntables. The turntable consists of a super accurate DC motor, a point-to-point low noise bearing, and a solid plinth, with an air ball damping system to make the sound fuller and more relaxing.

The matched carbon fiber T8 9" tone arm is very simple to set-up and adjustment. One only needs to attach their own cartridge, set the recommended stylus weight and VTA and you are ready to go.


Wax Engine LP 6.3

Quite stunning performance entry level turntable.

Direct : $1,550  with Trio / Allegro Tonearm

Requested by and designed for the very discerning German turntable market and now released in Australia.  Low cost, tiny footprint, simple to set up and use, stunning sound. 

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