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Direct: $6,700 - Air Suspension & LT-1 

air-1 Turntable

The air-1 air suspension turntable is exclusively made for the Consonance Linear Tangential Tonearm, the LT-1S, which is specifically designed to suit the acoustic and physical 
properties of this extraordinary tonearm. 
The Aluminium chassis structure is exceptionally rigid and perfectly flat to enable perfect coupling with the tonearm, allowing it to function with exceptional reliability and accuracy.
The LT-1/LT-1S is a linear tangential tonearm that uses air bearings to ensure that the cartridge keeps the correct position perpendicular to the record grooves and has practically 
zero friction during use. The tonearm and the cartridge is maintained in a position identical to that of as the cutting head when the record was originally mastered. This allows for 
superior audio playback by eliminating tracking angle distortions.
It uses a high-pressure air-bearing design, which is used in precision medical devices. The LT-1/LT-1S can withstand an air pressure of 3kgs and still operate stably. It has zero 
vibrations, and zero movement in any direction allowing the cartridge to retrieve only the musical information from the grooves.
The tonearm also has an exceptionally rigid Aluminium structure, and a precise VTA adjustment, which is very easy to use.
High pressure air is supplied by a super quiet pump system which incorporates an air-drying unit.

Air Bearing suspension.

When you choose this option, the air bearings used in between the suspension between platter and chassis, uses medical grade Nanotechnology, which ensured an accuracy of less than 
1/1,016,000 of a centimeter to ensure a frictionless freedom of movement, without any mechanical contact to ensure that no vibrations or resonances reach the record playing. There is 
also, negligible air pressure loss. The DC motor is suspended from the chassis to ensure a rigid coupling isolated from the chassis, allowing ease of use and adjustment.
The Aluminium plinth and linear tangential tonearm is available in black and gold.

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