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AM Power Cables

The amount of sonic improvement that these cables achieve is astonishing. I could not see the value until I tried them, but as soon as I did; I bought a set for my system. Hearing is beleiving.

Price: Please contact us for pricing on this special product.      

The AM Power Leads are really something else. The Consonance Ella Baby is so good that I was skeptical about the cost of these, but I was surprised at the further improvement. I have used a set of these myself for some time, but have not listed them on this site. A good customer with an exceptional system, and very expensive power leads borrowed mine and immediately bought 4 of them, so I thought I should not continue to deprive others. It is an ear opener what musical differences these exceptional power leads can make.
These are large and thick cables, but are surprisingly flexible. Because of the exceptional plugs used, they are only available with US wall plugs. These are perfect with the Consonance Power Boards and Conditioners, or any other universal Power Boards, or I can supply a nicely fitting US to Aus. converter free of charge.

Typical Owners Feedback. (We have never had a negative feedback)


Greg, you were right.  These cables do the same as the AM amplifiers.  It is like opening the proverbial window.  Could you please order me 4.  I cannot believe how much better these are than the ones I have, and I thought they were the best.  I am not even going to say how much I paid for those. In comparison these are cheap.

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