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$5,500.   Per pair.  
Gloss or Piano finish is +$400


The all new Titan is re-released after 8 years of searching for the perfect components to replace the previous model, that was reviewed in the USA by Bound for Sound Magazine as the best small speaker in the World.  It was chosen by Bryan Adams for both his recording studios.

The huge, powerful soundstage is just unbelievable.  The Release has been delayed as all the initial run went to every person who heard them.  It is a musical joy which gives big speaker performance where there just isn’t room for a big speaker.

The Titan uses the Osborn Reference lead lining where the inside of the speaker is lined in a heavy felt, heavy sheet lead, heavy felt sandwich virtually  eliminating cabinet vibrations and resonances.   It also utalises one of the finest tweeters in the world , usually found in speakers costing 10 times as much, and uses the absolute best crossover components available and the only criteria in their selection is their towering performance.  Every Titan comes only as an Elite version and in satin finish.  Gloss or Piano  finishes are available at cost price of $400.

The new 7"mid bass  is a patented specially treated paper sandwich.  The driver uses a compact under-hung motor systems with large neodymium ring magnets. The patent pending motor offers a very long linear excursion together with a very high force factor. 
The back is shaped to duct the airflow around the motor and with the very open cast-aluminium chassis design the driver is virtually free from compression and any turbulence type distortions.  It is known as the "Best of the best" and it really is giving the speaker an even more impressive bass performance and an absolutely sublime vocal rendition.  It is the same driver as used in the Wilson Wamm at $1,200,000 and several other Hyper Speakers.

It is this minimal compromise approach which results in stunning sound quality. Only the best quality Turntable/CD Player and Amplifiers were used in the design of these speakers. It is this attention to detail and no-compromise approach which allows these speakers to achieve their design goals. They are very easy to drive and do not present any difficult loads to amplifiers. "Super Amps" are not required. Modest power, high quality amplifiers are recommended. They perform exceptionally well with smaller valve and single ended amplifiers. They are designed to perform their best within about 20 to 30 cm from the back wall, so are perfect for bench or shelf placement. They also have such an incredible dispersion, that they do not need to be toed in.  Every position in the room has a perfect soundstage.

         These speakers have a number of outstanding features - The ability to separate instruments and place them firmly on a sound stage of exceptional width and depth: The instruments retain their correct pitch, tone and shimmer: Dynamic range and speed unmatched by few, if any speakers in their size and price range and the ability of drums to retain most of their impact and depth.


29mm soft dome tweeter with a high efficiency ring magnet consisting of 6 radial neodymium magnets.


180mm Patented Sandwich Paper Cone. 42mm voice coil with Neodymium magnet.  This mid/bass is know as "the best of the best" and is used in a well known 1.2 million dollar speaker.

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DIMENSIONS:  260 X 370 X 460 mm (WxDxH)

WEIGHT:   25.5kg each.

EFFICIENCY: 89 db for 1 watt at 1 meter.

Mid/BASS: 180mm patented treated paper Cone. 42mm voice coil with Neodymium magnet.

FREQ. RESPONSE: 35 to 25000 Hz +/- 2 db. –10 db points 30 and 28000 Hz

CROSSOVER POINTS: 3700 Hz @ 6 db/octave.


MAXIMUM Rec. POWER: 100 Watts R.M.S per Channel.

Rec. Min: 10 Watts per Channel.

Rec. Ideal: 30 - 100 Watts per Channel.

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