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Direct: $2,290


The D-linear15 is the first power conditioner made by Consonance. The main feature of the D-linear15 is that it is designed to deal with various types of audio equipment matching each piece with its own power supply requirement.
The D-linear15 supplies 3 groups, which totals 10 output ports, including the digital power supply, the analogue power supply and the power output power supply.These plugs will accept any plug from anywhere in the World.
The digital power supply ports are for audio source equipment (such as CD, DVD, DAC and digital stream players).
The analogue power supply ports are for pre-amplifiers and phono stages.
Digital source and analogue pre-amplifiers are not sensitive to internal resistance from the power grid, but do need more pure electricity supply. But pre-amplifiers and phono stages, with their high level gain, are very sensitive to dirty power which can increase the noise by 100 fold. Therefore digital and analogue equipment should be plugged into the separate independent ports to avoid crossover noise. Digital and pre-amplifier outputs travel trough a high quality transformer with 3 levels of shielding (type R) which is isolated with silicon-gel.The silicon-gel will lower the high frequency noise and supply suitable damping. Digital
and analogue power output will, in turn, be isolated.
Normally the power supply for power and integrated amps, come from a high-power transformer. High-power transformers have very low internal impedance are very sensitive to DC offset. DC offset can cause transformers to hum, run hotter and have lower
voltage output or even burn up their transformers. The D-linear15 power outputs works in parallel mode with the AC power supply and, as an active system, compensates any DC offset in the AC mains from the wall socket. Our special circuit design does not limit the power to the audio system in any way and hence, allows very powerful amps, including
several large amps to be hooked up to the D-linear15.



2. AC power switch.
3. AC power plug.
4. AC outputs for AMP: 4x sockets for power amplifier and integrated amplifier.
5. AC outputs for Analogue Source: 2x sockets for pre-amplifier and phono-stage.
6. AC outputs for Signal Source: 4x sockets for CD player, digital stream player and DAC.

The Security Protection:
- Overcurrent Protection: The D-linear15 will shut down the power supply to protect the equipment if the equipment receives too much current.
- Overvoltage Protection: The D-linear15 will shut down the power supply to protect the equipment if there is a sudden dangerous level of voltage.
- Surge Protection: The D-linear15 will protect the equipment if there is a surge in the power grid. 
- Lightning protection

Upgrade in power:
- Common-mode Interference Rejection, restrain the same phase high frequency interference from live line, Null line to Earth line.
- Differential-mode Interference Rejection, restrain the high frequency interference from live line to Earth line.
- Phase Correction, restrain the DC between positive line and the negative line.

Size: 42 X 38 x 13cm

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