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Eclipse Tower

Direct Price:
Eclipse Tower - $8,125
Eclipse Tower Reference - $10,455
Eclipse Tower Reference Elite - $12,875  Per pair.   

(Gloss or Piano finish adds $800)                 

The Osborn Eclipse Tower has been designed and constructed in Australia, without compromise, in order to obtain the highest possible sound quality. The only criteria in the choice of components, materials, size and cost is the achievement of the ultimate sound quality, in a speaker less physically imposing than the Osborn "Monument". We believe that our design goals have been realised with this speaker. 

The Osborn "Eclipse Tower" is one of the finest speakers in the world, with unmatched speed and transient attack. It has been designed for those that want most of the power and authority of the larger "Monument" and Grand Monument Reference but can not accommodate their sheer size and/or price. It is a tall and slender speaker with a simple elegance, which will not look out of place in any room.

The dynamics, bass, transparency, scale and sheer power becomes unmatched by virtually any other speaker, at any price. Few other speakers anywhere near their size can deliver the whole weight, power and authority of a full symphony orchestra. From the tinkle of the tiniest bell to the blast of a brass cannon, to the depth of a giant 32 foot pipe organ, with pin point imaging.

Several of the world's best speakers were used as references in the design of these speakers. We believe that the sound quality of these speakers is superior to all the references. The drive units were chosen from the best available from around the world for unrivalled speed and accuracy. As a result, a level of transparency comparable to the best Electrostatic speakers has been achieved, but without the the trade off of limited dynamics and authority.

The crossovers use the best components attainable. The capacitors are imported from America, and the inductors are wound in-house, as none are available commercially which meet our criteria. Each crossover weighs about 9 kg. Each and is hard wired with specially selected ultra wide bandwidth, high speed transfer cable.


The cabinets are shaped using high precision, computer controlled milling equipment. All models are constructed from 32 mm Custom wood and are heavily braced. They are exceptionally heavy, solid and are acoustically inert. The Reference Eclipse Tower (pictured) is lined with a felt/lead sheet/felt sandwich for unparalleled cabinet solidarity. High quality natural timber veneers are used, and every cabinet is carefully hand finished to ensure a superb quality finish which will grace any living room.


Only the best quality Turntable/CD Player and Amplifiers were used in the design of these speakers. These speakers have a number of outstanding features - the ability to separate instruments and place them firmly and accurately on a sound stage of uncanny width and depth. The instruments retain their correct pitch, tone and shimmer with a dynamic range and speed unmatched by any speaker this size, in any price range, with drums retaining all of their impact and depth.


Tweeter (For Reference Eclipse Tower)

29mm soft dome tweeter with a high efficiency ring magnet consisting of 6 radial neodymium magnets.

Tweeter (For Eclipse Tower)

25mm fabric dome with an optimally shaped dome and a wide SONOMEX surround. Low viscosity magnetic fluid which provides excellent cooling while maintaining a low resonance frequency. 6 mm solid metal front plate with a slight loading characteristic which ensures linear frequency response, and a stiff and stable connection to the cabinet. A double magnet system, with a substantial injection-moulded rear chamber, with complex internal shape and reinforcing ribs, which eliminate unwanted chamber resonances and reflections.

Mid Range

180mm Patented Sandwich Paper Cone. 42mm voice coil with Neodymium magnet.


2 X 220 mm Nextel coated paper.  39mm   voice coil.  Moving mass 20g.   Driver weight  3.6Kg each. Resonant Frequency  33 Hz.

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SPEAKER DIMENSIONS: 1565 X 300 X 420 mm 

WEIGHT: 70 Kg.  (Reference 95Kg.) 

FREQ. RESPONSE: 25 to 18000Hz, +/- 3 db. -10db  points  20 and 21000Hz.

CROSSOVER POINTS:  125 Hz and 3300 Hz, @ 12 db/Octave.


MAXIMUM POWER: 150 Watts R.M.S per Channel.
EFFICIENCY:   91db for 1 watt at 1  meter.

Rec. Min: 10 Watts per Channel. 

Rec. Ideal: 30 - 100 Watts per Channel.


Larger amplifiers can be used, but take care. If the speaker distorts, back off the volume.


The above specifications show why these speakers are capable of such extraordinary transient performance and yet reveal such intimate detail in the music. This fidelity is possible due to the fine tolerances and light weight of the driver cone and voice coils.


The Warranty on all Osborn Loudspeakers is 5 years for parts and Labour.

Typical Owners Feedback. (We have never had a negative feedback)



Dear Greg,

I am writing to give a testimonial of my experience with your loudspeakers.

I have long admired Osborn loudspeakers and for the past few years I have delighted in the beautiful music played through them. My system consisted of Osborn interlude speakers powered by a Redgum 60 watt amplifier and a Redgum CD5 cd-player. I use Osborn silver-link interconnects and Osborn loudspeaker cables. I also utilise the magnificent Osborn Monumental Subwoofer (also powered by Redgum amps) to give extra authority to the bottom octave of music which for my listening tastes is absolutely necessary. 

This combination was so thrilling that I would look forward to coming home after a hard day at work, get the kids into bed and then just listen to my music for hours at a time. When I listen to music I want to be moved by the size of the soundstage and the impact of full live instruments while maintaining pinpoint imaging. I want to FEEL and SEE the performance so that I get a REALISTIC appreciation of the original recording. Osborn loudspeakers do this! Many small sound systems sound OK but part of that is due to the fact that our brains fill in the gaps and our imagination tells us what we should be hearing. With Osborn loudspeakers no imagination is required and that is why many of Greg's models are large speakers. You cannot get loud deep accurate bass without moving large volumes of air; it is a law of physics! Having said that the build quality and finish of Osborn loudspeakers make them look like beautiful pieces of furniture which even my wife has admitted!

Recently I upgraded my interlude speakers for one of Greg Osborn's new models, the Eclipse Tower Reference. This is a BIG speaker but as I said above it looks magnificent. Upon delivery I plugged the speakers into the positions where my interludes were. I quickly realised that these speakers were so good that I had to remove the Monumental Subwoofer from the setup, as it was now just clouding the bass. I adjusted the speaker position which is very important. I was rewarded with the most amazing soundstage, imaging, impact, authority, speed and accuracy of any speaker I have ever heard. These speakers need a lot of running in time and they just sound better and better each day. There is some talk on the internet that the Focal Beryllium tweeter employed by Greg is too bright in other speakers. This is not the case here. This tweeter is fast, accurate and natural and is ruthless in showing up every detail in the other components of the system.

Comparing the Eclipse Tower Reference (ETR) to my old system is to say it is evolutionary as well as revolutionary. The ETR goes well down to 20Hz within my room, maintaining speed accuracy and impact that allows me to hear every nuance of the bass lines of a music track while also punching right through my chest. These speakers can play very loud and are easy to drive. Therefore I no longer use a Subwoofer. The midrange is natural transparent and accurate, with string instruments, horns and female voices bringing chills to my spine. The tweeter is a revelation, but in my system never irritating with tinkling bells, shimmering symbols and even flautists spitting into their instruments all clearly audible. The improvements over my old speakers are inevitable given the quality of drivers in the ETR and the fact that a two way speaker like the interlude is ultimately being asked to do too much to cover the entire musical spectrum. As an example one of my all time favourite CD's is Andreas Vollenweider "White Winds". In the opening track I always believed that the electric harp was positioned from left to right across the soundstage. With the Eclispe Tower Reference in play I can "SEE" the harp is positioned diagonally going from back left to front right in a much larger sound-stage. This is just one example of how I am rediscovering my entire music selection.

I could go on for hours and hours but I will finish up. Let me tell you that you would have to spend many times more than the cost of any Osborn loudspeaker to get any where near the same quality. I would recommend audition by anybody serious about the high quality reproduction of recorded music.

Thanks Greg for making my life a more enjoyable experience!

Best regards,

Joe Covelli

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