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| Direct Price:  Interlude- $2,855    

 The Osborn Interlude has been designed and constructed in Australia, with no compromise in order to obtain the highest possible sound quality for a speaker of this size. We appreciate that our larger and more powerful models may not suite either spouses or decor, this speaker is an excellent compromise. The criteria in the choice of components, materials, size and cost is the achievement of a sound quality as close as possible to the larger Osborn "Epitome" and "Eclipse". We believe that our design goals have been realised with this speaker, now in its third generation.
          They were designed for the person who wants a big, powerful sound which is equally suited to the demands of Home Theater applications as well as being perfect for all types of music, from the most delicate to the most demanding. They are also excellent as rear speakers in a high quality Home Theater System where identical or larger speakers are used as the mains. These are the speakers chosen as rear speakers by the Sultan of Brunei where cost is not a consideration. If cost is a consideration, the F4 will deliver most of the strengths of this speaker, at a more affordable cost. 

          Several of the world's best speakers were used as references in the design of these speakers. We believe that the sound quality of these speakers is superior to all the references any where near their price. Several type of cabinets were tried during the evolution of these speakers. They are constructed from 32 mm Customwood (1 ½"). High quality timber veneers are used on these speakers. The cabinets are shaped using high precision, computer controlled milling equipment. They are exceptionally heavy, solid and are acoustically inert. High quality natural timber veneers are used, and every cabinet is carefully hand finished to ensure a superb quality finish which will grace any living room. The drive units were chosen from the best available from around the world for unrivaled speed and accuracy. As a result, a level of transparency comparable to far more expensive speakers has been achieved.

          The crossovers use the best components attainable. The capacitors are imported from the U.S.A. and the inductors are wound in-house as none are available commercially which meet our criteria. Each crossover is hard wired with Ultra Hi-Speed, Ultra wide bandwidth, Data Link Cable. 

          It is this minimal compromise approach which results in stunning sound quality. Only the best quality Turntable/CD Player and Amplifiers were used in the design of these speakers. It is this attention to detail and no-compromise approach which allows these speakers to achieve their design goals. They are very easy to drive and do not present any difficult loads to amplifiers. "Super Amps" are not required. Modest power, high quality amplifiers are recommended. They perform exceptionally well with smaller valve and single ended amplifiers.

          These speakers have a number of outstanding features - The ability to separate instruments and place them firmly on a sound stage of exceptional width and depth: The instruments retain their correct pitch, tone and shimmer: Dynamic range and speed unmatched by speakers in their size and price range and the ability of drums to retain most of their impact and depth.



29mm soft dome tweeter with a high efficiency ring magnet consisting of 6 radial neodymium magnets.


260 mm Nextel coated paper.  51 mm   voice coil.  Moving mass 51.5 g.   Driver weight  4.5Kg. each. Resonant Frequency  31 Hz.

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SPEAKER DIMENSIONS: 855 X 270 X 355 mm

WEIGHT: 35 Kg.  

EFFICIENCY: 91db for I watt at 1 meter.

FREQ. RESPONSE: 35 to 25000 Hz +/- 2 db. -10 db points 25  and  27000  Hz.

CROSSOVER POINTS:  2600 Hz @ 6 db/octave..


MAXIMUM POWER: 120 Watts R.M.S per Channel.

Rec. Min:20 Watts per Channel. 

Rec. Ideal: 50 -100 Watts per Channel.  

Larger amplifiers can be used, but take care. If the speaker distorts, back off the volume.


The above specifications show why these speakers are capable of such extraordinary transient performance and yet reveal such intimate detail in the music. This fidelity is possible due to the fine tolerances and light weight of the driver cone and voice coils.

The Warranty on all Osborn Loudspeakers is 5 years for parts and Labour.

Typical Owners Feedback. (We have never had a negative feedback)

Nat Ieraci,
Melbourne, Australia.

As you know, I have owned a pair of your Titan loudspeakers for more than 4 years before upgrading to the Interludes. During those years I have operated the Titans extensively and have always enjoyed their involving nature. Playing my newly acquired Interlude loudspeakers for the first time was therefore an ardent experience. I was not disappointed. 
The Interlude loudspeakers look and sound sensational. The midrange/treble response is open, detailed and transparent, yet they are never harsh. The bass extension in particular is solid and spectacular, with good control down to the lowest audible frequency. I was able to obtain excellent bass reproduction after fitting the supplied speaker spikes and positioning the speakers according to your setup instructions. With the Interludes properly set up, I am now enjoying a holographic soundstage which is both deep and expansive. 
I am very pleased with the Interludes? performance and have no doubt they will be a joy for many years to come.

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