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LP5 Turntable

Direct: $5,360 with Tri Arm - $4,890 without Arm - ($1590 extra with stand.)

The Droplet LP 5.0 is not simply a turntable, rather it is a 'system' consisting of turntable and stand, it is constructed from two slabs of polished pale marble separated by massive, triangular sections and supported by anodized-alloy columns - all tensioned by threaded rods running through the structure. The shape of the marble echo's the curves of the turntable, with the columns directly beneath the cones on the base of the turntable.

The design is kept relatively simple, following well established 'best practices' - it is a conservative design. In essence it is a solid plinth design carrying a massive, tool-steel, inverted-bearing sleeve/shaft with a ceramic ball as the actual load bearing structure.

Though similar to other turntables out there, the LP-5 is quite different in one respect, the stand. Opera sells this table with an integrated marble stand. see more of this review...

The German AC motor rests in a separate housing which then sits on a cork base within the wooden section of the plinth. 
The main bearing and mounting board of the arm is rigidly linked. Both are bolted to a 1 cm thick alloy plate which sits via three alloy cylinders onto the wooden part of the plinth.

Upgraded from the Mark 1:
AC motor 
high precision speed controller PS-1
new high quality bearing



Suspension: Mass-loaded on 3 point solid aluminium domes 
Plinth: One piece machined anodised aluminium. 
Platter: Machined 67mm acrylic contoured to match record surface (indent for record label).
Bearing: Large diameter inverted fixed spindle with polished ceramic ball on a Teflon thrust plate. 
Motor: German manufactured precision hi torque AC m

Feature of T988 Tonearm:

The CONSONANCE 9" and 12" tonearms have outstanding performance and great flexibility.

These arms stand directly within our company moto, "Simple Human". Their simplicity is what makes them not only look and feel better but also perform better. With the oil damped pivot these arms can accept almost all types of MM and MC cartridges with no difficulty, heavy or light cartridges are not a problem. We at Consonance have strived to make an afforable arm with a low set up time so that you can enjoy it quickly after getting it. It has a totaly clean look, there are no extra 'gadgets' to get in the way. It is designed for listening pleasure not for it looks, but don't let that fool you. Its looks are very pleasing but the sound is what will really make you satisfied.

















T988 and T1288 unipivot

We designed the T988 and T1288 as a unipivot-radial design with 2 different arm lengths. 
And an affordable price, to make anyone a true audiophile.

Our unique arms have:
1. A single rounded point unipivot bearing
2. Carbon fibre arm tube
3. Oil damping and low mass, excellent for MC cartridges.
4. Separate adjustments for VTA and Azimuth
5. Easy anti-skating adjustment
6. BONUS! We can also offer an extra arm shaft for those who want to have both lengths. That way you can switch between 9" and 12".The extra arm shaft will include the headshell and the top bearing. The tonearm weight can be switched easily between the two arms so an extra one is NOT included.


Technical Specification

T988 T1288 
Mounting distance arm base 214mm 290mm 
Tonearm length 9'' 12'' 
Armtube made of carbon-fibre carbon-fibre 
Overhang 16mm 16mm 
Offset 23 degree 22 degree 
Cartridge weight 4 -22g 3 -15g 
Downforce range 10-35mN 10-35mN 
Weight(without counterweight) 52g 55g 
Counterweight 85g 93.6g 

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