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The LT-1/LT-1S is a linear tangential tonearm that uses air bearings to ensure that the cartridge keeps the correct position perpendicular to the record grooves and has practically zero friction during use. The tonearm and the cartridge is maintained in a position identical to that of as the cutting head when the record was originally mastered. This allows for 
superior audio playback by eliminating tracking angle distortions.
It uses a high-pressure air-bearing design, which is used in precision medical devices. The LT-1/LT-1S can withstand an air pressure of 3kgs and still operate stably. It has zero vibrations, and zero movement in any direction allowing the cartridge to retrieve only the musical information from the grooves.
The tonearm also has an exceptionally rigid aluminium structure, and a precise VTA adjustment, which is very easy to use.
High pressure air is supplied by a super quiet pump system which incorporates an air-drying unit.

The LT-1 is configured to fit the air-1 Turntable.
The LT-1S is designed to fit Mounting Boards on other Turntables.

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