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R2.2CD Player

Direct: $2,840  

The R2.2 uses a single Sovtek 6H30 output tube.  Now fitted with gold tube for even better performance.

The new RCD2.2MK3 CD player allows for a digital input from the new Wireless Digital Transmitter Box 1.0 as well as from other cd transports, cable TV decoders or satellite receivers, either through the CD player's co-axial or optical inputs or with any other device with a digital PCM output. This will not only provide high quality audio but also is very easy to use. 




 1. 24 bit 192KHz multilevel sigma-delta with synchronous upsampling.

 2.All substantial filter/reservoir capacitors are SOLEN

 3.Gold plated RCA unbalanced and gold plated XLR balanced

 4.High quality parts such as MIT capacitors,HOCOL resistors which are skilfully hand wired under the chassis,using WBT solder.

 5.Tube output stage on R2.2

 6.Cherry-wood made camber for top chassis and brushed aluminium front panel with natural color.


 FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz to 120kHz ( +/- 0.1dB)

 Clock: JitterLess than 14ps directly distributed to DAC

 DISTORTION: (RCA)Less than 0.002%

 SIGNAL/NOISE:(XLR) Less than 0.003%
                            (RCA)More than 105dB
More than 100dB (Tube output)

INTERMODULATION: Less than 0.002% (19kHz + 20 kHz)



 CROSSTALK: Less than -100dB

 VACUUM TUBE:Sovtek 6H30

 DIMENSIONS:430(L) x 330(W) x 210(H) mm



These units are spectacularly built and have amazing sonics. If they were from a top European manufacturer, they would be a revelation. Being Chinese, they force a rethink of old prejudices. People experienced with Consonance products, will not be surprised. Both units have a large, wide and palpable soundstage, with lightning transient ability and the ability to separate instruments clearly across the soundstage. They also give you that "No back wall" sensation that very few CD players do. There is a naturalness, an ease and a "want to listen longer" character with the R 2.2 with its tube output stage, that makes it easily worth the money, if your system has the ability to show the difference.
I had high expectations from these units.  They exceeded my expectations comfortably.

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